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   Chapter 115 Back To No. 1 High School

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The next morning

Mandy woke up in Nathan's strong arms. She loved the familiar smell. It brought her a sense of calm. Nathan and Mandy used the same shower gel and loved to hug each other when they slept.

Mandy could rely on Nathan only during sleep.

Nathan opened his eyes and saw that Mandy was sleeping peacefully in his arms. He didn't want to disturb her. So he gently withdrew his arm and let her sleep.

He had forced Mandy to stay at home as she had cut her wrist. He had called the president of the JR Hospital, where Mandy was working and requested him to grant her leave for a week.

When the president received the call from Nathan, he immediately agreed to his request.

Nathan had taken off the previous day. He had even canceled an important meeting to wait for Mandy. So it was a busy day for him, and he had a lot of tasks to complete today. If he weren't busy, he would have stayed in bed longer and held Mandy in his arms.

After Nathan drove away, Mandy ran to the balcony without wearing her shoes and looked around. She didn't get dressed until she saw that Nathan's car was not there.

"Miss Zhou, why did you get up so early?" Lillian walked to the dining table with a glass of milk and smiled at Mandy.

"My cousin wanted to go shopping with me," Mandy said with a smile. Unlike Nathan, it was easier to persuade Lillian.

"How is your cut? Mr. Jin left for work just a couple of minutes ago. He has asked me to escort you to the hospital to change your dressing today."

Mandy touched her wrist and smiled at Lillian. "Lillian, don't worry. I'll go on my own. You stay at home and rest well. You work hard every day. Forget everything else and sleep as long as you want."

Lillian chuckled at Mandy's words. "Miss Zhou, I'm old. I want to sleep late, but I can't fall asleep. I guess I'm born to be a busy woman."

"Well, then do whatever makes you feel good. What do you like to do, Lillian?" Mandy asked.

"I like to cross-stitch," Lilian said thoughtfully.

"Awesome. I'll buy you some yarn when I come back later."

Mandy had her breakfast and drove to No. 1 High School in City A.

The No. 1 High School had an artistic ambiance. Unlike other scho

niel was a man with hidden agendas, he was good at heart. He perhaps wouldn't have turned out this way if he had lived a happy childhood in a good family.

"Daniel, it's over between you and me. I sincerely hope that you can focus on your future. But when you get married in the future, please inform me. I would love to see your bride," Mandy smiled, but her bitter tone was contradicting it.

If everything had gone well, she would have been his bride.

But they were not meant to be together. For a moment, Mandy had believed that she had put those things behind her. She didn't want to think about love.

"Okay. I'll send the invitation to your e-mail." Daniel put on a bitter smile as he had been blocked by Mandy.

Mandy smiled without saying a word. The two continued to walk forward, shoulder to shoulder. Finally, they reached the piano room.

There were two hundred and eight pianos in the room. The grass outside was covered with champagne roses. The statue of Beethoven and the statue of Pagani in the lavender field were the most spectacular things that would catch everyone's attention.

Daniel would always come here to watch Mandy play the piano when they were in school. He was always mesmerized by her music. They were in the No.1 Piano Room on the first floor of the school. It was the room that was exclusively meant for Mandy. Not only that, but it was also the best one among the other piano rooms. Only Mandy had the three-legged piano.

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