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   Chapter 114 I Know You Don't Love Me

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Mandy was speechless. She thought to herself, 'What made you think I'd like you to join me? I'd rather sleep.' Because Mandy's hand was hurt, it was difficult for her to take a bath.

Nathan offered to help her take a bath.

Mandy didn't want to. She pushed Nathan and said, "You can go out now. I'll wear gloves."

"What?" Nathan smirked "Don't act as if we are strangers," Nathan said as he put on a seductive smile. His usual cold expression completely vanished. "I've done every intimate thing with you, haven't I?" Nathan added.

Holding back her anger, Mandy glared at Nathan. Instead of being angry, Nathan released a light laugh. He liked to make fun of Mandy because she was very cute in that way.

"Get out! I want to take a bath by myself," Mandy said indignantly. She refused Nathan's indecent proposal.

However, her refusal was powerless. Nathan wrapped his arms around her back and carried her to the bathtub filled with water.

Mandy wanted to die. She hated the feeling of being under Nathan's charming spell.

Nathan's touch aroused Mandy. She felt helpless as she tried to fight it. This kind of teasing really made her want to die.

"How do you feel?" Nathan whispered. "Are you comfortable?" His breath was like lightning, awakening her senses. All the parts of her body wanted to respond as a woman who had been starved for affection as his thin lips deliberately rubbed against her warm cheeks.

Mandy tried to control her urges as she pretended to be reluctant to his touch. She was in a limited space, and one of her hands was outside the bathtub. It shouldn't get wet.

"Don't you know me well yet, Mandy?" He snickered at her puzzled and reluctant look. "You know it won't end well if you struggle to escape from me!" Nathan said as he grinned wickedly and rubbed his fingertip on Mandy's smooth skin. Although Mandy knew he was just teasing her, she couldn't control herself.

Mandy gasped for breath as if her chest tightened.

"Are you done?" she asked casually. "I want to go to bed," Mandy said as she sud

y family. I'm willing to stay with you until you…" She took a deep breath and looked off into the distance. "…until you get bored of me." Mandy lowered her head. Her eyes were full of tears. She didn't want to let Nathan see her tears. When she said that, she felt that she has no pride left. She had now even lost her dignity.

Nathan frowned. He didn't like the way she was acting. In his eyes, she was so stubborn that she would never admit her real feelings. She curled up in the bathtub, making him feel very sorry for her. He really wanted to hold her in his arms and kiss her hard.

He didn't know since when he had begun to really care about Mandy. Every time Mandy frowned, Nathan would feel strangely unhappy. And when she laughed, Nathan would feel happy, as if she always influenced his mood.

Nathan washed Mandy's body quickly and gently. He stretched out his hand, put a bath towel around Mandy, and dried her body patiently.

Mandy's natural fragrance and soft body made him even more aroused. Nathan reached out his hand and lifted up Mandy's chin.

Nathan passionately kissed her with tenderness and marked ownership. Mandy couldn't resist. For so many days, Mandy got used to being kissed by him. She gave in willingly as it brought much joy in her heart.

They did it again and again until dawn without losing their connection and eagerness.

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