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   Chapter 113 Take A Shower And Go To Bed

Billionaire's Gift By Rabbit Characters: 6538

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:13

Nathan called Mandy as soon as he got in the car and left the Su Mansion.

At that moment, Mandy was at the MC Garden. After she finished having dinner with Damian, she went back home as Stanley had called her.

"You are singing in front of a crowd for a living..." A weird ringtone interrupted the warm atmosphere in the living room of the Zhou Family.

She looked at the caller ID nervously, and the words Nathan told her this afternoon reverberated in her mind. He wanted her to go home early.

'Go home early!'

It was indeed early, because it was just seven fifteen.

Mandy's body froze, but she composed herself as she answered the phone, "Hello?"

"Where are you?" Nathan's bossy tone rang in her ears.

"I'm at home," Mandy said calmly. She was holding back her fear.

"Come back in half an hour."

"What? There is an emergency patient there. Okay, I'll be right back!" Mandy lied without even blushing, but deep inside, she wished she could disappear. 'How could I live my life without any freedom?' Mandy questioned herself.

"What scheme are you playing? If you don't come back in half an hour, I will pick you up," Nathan threatened her in a cold voice.

"I'll be there soon."

Nathan was not convinced, but considering that Mandy was obedient, he conceded.

A moment later, the call ended. The busy tone made Nathan very unhappy. The woman ended the call while he was not done yet.

After putting her phone back in her bag, Mandy sat upright and looked at Stanley and Madeline with a smile.

Seeing the bandage on Mandy's wrist, Madeline asked worriedly, "Mand, what happened to your hand?"

"Oh..." Mandy rubbed it while thinking of an alibi. "Nothing serious. I performed surgery on a patient, and my hand got accidentally cut by the nurse when she was cleaning some sharp tools." Mandy acted as naturally as she could. She thought she was getting good at telling lies since she had stayed with Nathan for a lo

his voice as if he was interrogating a criminal. His eyes flared with anger.

'This woman came back home later than me. She must be used to being wild!' Nathan thought to himself angrily.

"I went back to visit my parents. I haven't seen them for a long time. They missed me, too," Mandy answered cautiously as she lifted her head to look up at Nathan.

"If you miss them so much, you should move back."

"Really?" Mandy was so excited to hear his words that she almost jumped up. Her beautiful smile flooded her face.

Nathan looked at her up and down in silence.

Seeing the expression in his eyes, Mandy realized that Nathan was satirizing her, and he didn't want her to go back at all.

Looking at the disappointed expression in Mandy's eyes, Nathan actually had an impulse to kiss her, which he had never experienced before. He didn't like to see Mandy frown or feel depressed. He wanted to comfort her every time she was unhappy.

"Go upstairs," Nathan said coldly as he withdrew his gaze.

"What are you doing?" Like a frightened rabbit, Mandy saw warning signs in her mind.

"Take a shower and sleep."

"I..." she swallowed. "I want to watch TV."

"Is it worth watching a TV series? You ladies are so anthomaniac. Which movie do you like best? Tell me, I will join you."

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