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   Chapter 112 She Is Like My Sister

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Thinking of this, Mandy almost fainted. She took a deep breath and then exhaled, trying to keep herself calm.

"Damian, I have a question to ask." Mandy rubbed her hair as she turned her body to look at him.

The glorious sunset flickered on Damian as if many little souls had gone down into the mortal realm. There was a genuine inner knowledge around him that made Mandy feel overwhelmed.

"Okay, go ahead."

"Why did you invite me to dinner? What exactly do you want?"

"What do I want?" Damian smiled and said, "The reason why I am here is that I like you. I adore you, and I want to come after you. Do you understand, you silly woman?"

Hearing this, Mandy pursed her lips and swallowed the bile in her throat. Her eyes became like saucers. "Are you joking with me? We are not acquainted with each other. Now you've notified me that you like me. This is so absurd."

'I must have misheard. It must be a practical joke from Damian!' thought Mandy.

"I never joke about love. You know, if I'm not sure about my feelings towards you, why would I ask you out for dinner?" Damian beamed and asked. His aura was always calm.

"It is... How would I know? I am not your mind reader," whispered Mandy.

"That is right. I adore you," Damian said in a soft voice. Yet the confidence and firmness in his tone was present.

Mandy turned her head and stared into the distance. She crossed her arms and rubbed them to heat up herself. Why did she suddenly feel so cold?

Damian noticed that Mandy was quite nervous at that point. Yet, he didn't say anything. Instead, he drove slowly. Actually, it was true that he liked Mandy. He had developed a crush on her.

At the Su's Garden

The Su Family was located in the most Eastern part of City A, in a prime location close to mountains and rivers. The scenery there was like a painting, and the architectural style was like the classical garden style.

Nathan had been to the Su Family home before. The Su Family and the Jin Family had been friends for generations, so Nathan's parents preferred Eve very much. They assumed she was well-educated, re

supper, Nathan remained at the Su Family residence for a while. He made an excuse and went to the restroom to phone Lillian. And when he got to know that Mandy hadn't come back home yet, he turned up an excuse to leave.

"Uncle, Auntie, Eve, I'm so sorry that I have an urgent telephone meeting to attend. I can't stay any longer today," Nathan said goodbye with his lips twitching up.

"Didn't you say that the meeting will start at eight o'clock? It is only seven o'clock now." There was a trace of frustration in Eve's tone. How could she let Nathan leave since she hadn't done what she needed to do?

"Yeah. The meeting is being held ahead of schedule. Everyone is waiting for me." He wore a helpless grin.

Eve pouted. But she could do nothing about it. It was known to all that Nathan was busy and committed to his work.

"Okay. You can go back earlier and have the telephone conference," Eve said with a sulk.

Shaun patted on Nathan's shoulder. "You know, men always put their career above everything else. Eve, you can't act like a kid."

Hearing that, Eve grimaced and said, "Well, I know."

Before leaving, Nathan touched Eve's hair as if he marked her. It worked pretty well on Eve. She loved to be spoiled by Nathan.

Although Eve was an imperious lady, she turned out with pleasant veil in the presence of Nathan. She would adhere to every word that he said to impress him.

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