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   Chapter 111 You Needn't Detest Me

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Damian held Mandy by her waist and carried her to a black Maserati in the underground garage.

Throughout this, Mandy gazed around but didn't utter a single word.

Once they were there, Damian bent down like a gentleman and put Mandy down. After Mandy steadied herself, she quickly turned around and tried to run away.

Before she could flee, he grabbed her hand from behind and brought her to an abrupt stop. Her anger-filled eyes continued to gaze at him. "What the hell do you want to do, Damian?" Mandy yelled, unable to hold back her emotions.

Most people would get dizzy with passion when angry, and Mandy was no exception. Only a while ago, Mandy was beginning to respect Damian because he had left a good impression on her. What's more, when Mandy was in danger, he had saved her. Due to this, she had started to refer to him as Mr. Shi. But now, she had let go of that formality. She realized he didn't deserve any respect.

"Have you forgotten that you promised to have dinner with me?" Damian asked and shyly ran his fingers through his hair.

Hearing what Damian had said, Mandy clenched her teeth tightly. After all, she had promised Damian that she would have dinner with him. Although it wasn't Sunday today, she thought it was good to finish the dinner as soon as possible. Otherwise, he would obviously keep pestering her! 'Why not get done with it!' she thought with some annoyance.

"Okay, let's have dinner tonight," Mandy replied looking indifferent. But deep down, Mandy warned herself to remain alert. She didn't want to fall into any traps set by him.

Damian didn't expect that Mandy would agree so readily. Her instant reply left him baffled. He began to wonder if something was wrong.

However, he merely smiled at her. Then he opened the door, inviting her in.

Without thinking too much, Mandy got into the car. After all, she was now Nathan's girlfriend. Damian couldn't do anything to her.

It was funny that subconsciously she had accepted the fact that she was Nathan's girlfriend. She was far from feeling great about it, yet that didn't stop her from using it as an excuse.

After getting in the car, Mandy became inexplicably nervous. She felt that being in this confined space was even more horrible than staying with Nathan.

'I wonder what Nathan is doing at the moment. Maybe he is still with Eve. It seemed like he was quit

e, I won't marry him!" Mandy replied, trying hard to sound determined.

"If he wants to marry you, you will have no choice but to marry him," Damian informed her very calmly.

Damian had known Nathan for a long time. He was well aware that if Nathan had set his mind on something, he would get it done. He was a bossy guy who was willing to go to any lengths to have his way.

However, there was only one thing that Damian couldn't figure out. 'Why did Nathan fall in love with Mandy?' he wondered again and again. This was a mystery to which Damian couldn't find an answer. But Damian wasn't the type of guy that would give up. He had set his mind to find out what was so special about this lady.

Hearing Damian's words, Mandy became speechless. For the first time, she sincerely believed Damian's words. Now all she could do was pray to the Buddha and ask him to pry Nathan away from her life. After all, she had dreamed of a bright future. She couldn't let some guy snatch it away from her.

"What do you want to eat?" Damian asked. The sun was setting too brightly today. Mandy instinctively held her hand up to keep the sun from shining in her eyes.

"I am fine with anything," Mandy answered. "Oh no, I want to know what you prefer," Damian asked with a gentle smile.

"If I wish to eat your flesh, would you be okay with feeding me that?" Mandy snorted and asked, with a cold face.

To her surprise, as soon as she finished her words, Damian stretched out his strong arm and put it in front of her mouth. "Sure. What would you like to begin with? Fingers or arms?"

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