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   Chapter 110 Being Forcibly Held Up By His Arms

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'Perhaps, the only way to leave Nathan is to make him hate me. As long as he doesn't have any feelings for me, I could leave, '

Mandy thought. But the more Mandy thought about it, the sadder she became. She touched her wounded wrist and felt that her heart was wounded too. She was shaking her head in misery and smiled at herself mockingly.

"What are you doing? Smiling and giggling here all by yourself?" asked a familiar voice.

Mandy glanced at where the voice was coming from. She saw a tall man with a meek smile on his fair face. Such a gentleman like him was absolutely unforgettable.

"You? What are you doing here?" Mandy asked. She was totally surprised and had a shining gleam in her eyes.

"I came here to handle some things. And then, I saw a silly girl sitting here. I thought it was you, and it turned out I was right," Damian said with a playful tone in his voice. The sincerity on his face was full of tenderness, something Nathan could never have. The way he spoke was also humorous. The overall presence of Damian brightened the mood up instantly.

"I'm not silly!" Mandy said, pouting her lips.

Seeing Mandy like this made Damian think that she felt wronged. Mandy looked very sad, and it didn't go well with her naturally quiet temperament. After Damian got a chance to know Mandy better, he found her beautiful, clever, and sometimes a little bit childish.

"I find you silly because you were giggling alone here," Damian said with a sigh as he sat down.

"I'm not giggling. When did you come here?" Mandy asked, feeling embarrassed. She thought that maybe they were destined to meet each other, but she couldn't understand why. She didn't want anybody to see her, but she had no choice. Damian was already there.

"I couldn't tell you. It's a secret," Damian said, leaning closer to Mandy in order to whisper something in her ear.

Mandy felt like she was inside a steamer as the temperature around them increased sharply. All of a sudden, she pushed Damian away and t

o better than Nathan.

"I'm not afraid of you. I hate you, and I don't want to talk to you.

I've told you the truth, but you wouldn't believe me. You just hear things you want to hear!"

Mandy exclaimed, tremendously irritated. 'What a lunatic Damian is!' she thought.

Before Mandy could take another step, Damian held her up with his arms. She couldn't resist Damian's strength.

"What are you doing, Damian? I'm warning you. Put me down!" Mandy was exasperated. Her hands and feet were struggling so that she could get loose from Damian's hold.

"Warning?" Damian said mockingly. "Is this an indecent assault? If you want to shout, then go ahead. But no one will talk to you. People will only think that we're a quarreling couple. The most they could do is to tell us to stop fighting."

Damian continued to insult Mandy, "Do you think everyone is as stupid as you?" Mandy could do nothing but stare at Damian and fall silent.

Mandy didn't want anybody to take a video of them, making a fuss. She didn't want to be seen like this online. She would be screwed if Nathan ever saw something like that.

While thinking about that, Mandy resigned to just bear the actions Damian was doing to her.

Everyone was looking at Mandy being held up by Damian. She felt a little relieved because none of them were taking pictures.

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