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   Chapter 109 Whoever Falls In Love First, Loses!

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Nathan was all smiles and offered to carry Eve's handbag. They walked together while Nathan had his arm around her shoulder.

Once again, the video was paused. The conversation between Nathan and Eve wasn't shown on screen, and it caused a commotion among the people at the mall. The screams buzzed through Mandy's ears.

Mandy felt so depressed. When she first saw Eve in Nathan's villa, she immediately knew they were more than just friends. However, she also knew now that Eve and Nathan hadn't met for a while as Eve had gone abroad for a competition.

Now that Nathan's lover had already come back, could she, the hidden affair, still go back home?

There was the reporter on the big screen, but Mandy was now in no mood to listen. "That's it for the interview. If you want to know more about Nathan and Eve, proceed to our official website to catch an exclusive interview with Eve. Find out more about her designs and more about Mr. Jin," the reporter reminded.

'Does Eve's work have anything to do with Nathan?' Mandy pondered to herself. When the reporter finished talking on screen, Mandy frowned and rolled her eyes. She wondered if the person in Eve's photo was Nathan.

Mandy took out her cellphone and searched for the exclusive interview with Eve. Eve's award-winning piece was called "Music." The name was brilliant. It perfectly encapsulated the photo's subject, a silhouette of a man holding a tiny violin by the sea. 'That really looks like Nathan, ' Mandy contemplated, looking at the photo very carefully. The serene atmosphere of pink, orange, and dark blue in the photo looked very romantic.

There was more to "Music" than just a man playing the violin. It was also the photographer's joy witnessing this scenery. The beautiful sound of the violin and peaceful atmosphere had the people awe-struck with the photo. No wonder it won a gold for a global photography exhibition.

After Mandy b

ide the mall, something new was being played on the big screen. There were no people there but Mandy.

With her phone in her hand, Mandy pursed her lips. Her heart felt a pinching pain, and she could not breathe. She wanted to end her relationship with Nathan and kick him out of her life. But she knew she had no right to say goodbye.

In their relationship, she had always been the inferior one.

It was love that was missing in their relationship. Their relationship wasn't one of love. Their relationship was a game. The one who fell for the other first would lose the game.

Mandy was feeling a lot of things inside her heart. She had a lot of things to deal with these days, but the hardest of them all was having a crush on Nathan.

She only realized that this was how she felt for Nathan just recently. When she watched the interview and saw Nathan smiling happily with another woman, she knew that she had been defeated miserably.

When would Nathan smile at her the same way?

Mandy's chest felt tight. She gritted her teeth. The wound on her wrist was painful, too. She could hardly breathe. She tried to forget about Nathan and hold back her feelings for him. Time and time again, she reminded herself that she couldn't fall in love with a guy like Nathan.

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