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   Chapter 108 Left Mandy At The Halfway

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Mandy bought some clothing items that she liked after shopping for several hours. Her clothes had all been high-end designer brands since she became the "woman" of Nathan. She did not know when Nathan had bought these clothes. Each of them was the most popular current high-end fashion, and she could not even afford some of them before.

Her luxurious lifestyle was impressive, but she was uneasy. She was afraid that someone would see her with Nathan. Moreover, she was afraid to be identified as his lover.

Both Stanley and Madeline were keen on keeping their reputation, so Mandy didn't dare to destroy their name. Although the Zhou Family was not extremely rich, they were well-off compared to average families. As expected, Stanley and Madeline had spoiled her since her childhood and treated her like a princess. Mandy didn't let them down. She was an excellent pianist and a doctor.

After a while, Mandy felt a little tired, so she went to the hall to rest. There was a big electronic screen in front of her. A free movie was played for passers-by every day. When the movie ended, a young and beautiful female reporter showed up on the screen.

"Hello, everyone. We are at the airport now. A few days ago, our young photographer, Miss Eve Su, went to France to attend the global photography exhibition and won the gold prize in this exhibition. Later, she will come out of the VIP channel of the airport. Now you can see that many fans are waiting at the airport, including the president of JS International, Nathan. It is said that they are in a relationship..." The female reporter was so excited. Mandy was shocked by the news. She didn't know what to think. Her mind floated despite the reporter's voice in the background who kept on blubbering.

Mandy's eyes were fixed on the big screen. The camera swept over the fans and finally fixed on Nathan. It was clear that many female fans wanted to see him. Nathan didn't attend any activities of the TV statio

elp but scream. Eve greeted everyone with great enthusiasm. She took off her sunglasses and exposed her beautiful and dazzling eyes. She looked around as if she was searching for something.

Eve didn't burst into laughter until she saw Nathan. She looked like a radiant fairy.

She rushed towards Nathan. Her assistant followed her closely, dragging a suitcase behind her. She wore a pair of eight-centimeter high-heeled shoes. She was running forward, which made people worry that she might slip.

Fortunately, Eve ran with grace and confidence. She steadily threw herself into the arms of Nathan. The two were like lovers who hadn't seen each other for a long time. They hugged each other intimately in front of everyone, and they were almost kissing.

Nathan poked Eve's nose with affection. Eve smiled sweetly, and her bright smile made people envious.

"Nathan, you just said you wouldn't come here, right?" Eve said. Her beautiful red lips pouted slightly.

"You're back. How could I not come?" Nathan possessively wrapped his arms around Eve's slender waist and took her in his arms.

"You are so busy with your work. I don't care if you could come or not. But now, since I don't have any activities recently, I can accompany you," Eve gently whispered. Her pink face was filled with happiness.

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