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   Chapter 107 Leave City A Forever

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The moment he left the table, Mandy felt empty. When she was dating Daniel, he never really left her hanging, and she never found him walking off before the meal had ended. Though he had done a lot of things to hurt her, he had really loved her.

Nathan was different. Whenever she was with him, she always felt as if she was more inferior to him. It was always the way he looked down at her, the way he talked to her, even the way he looked at her. Their relationship was far from what she had with Daniel, and she didn't know what to think of it.

It was a love that was hard to hold on...

Wait, love?

Mandy stared at the cup of mocha coffee Nathan had left, seemingly untouched and pristine. She shook her head. How could she think of 'love' when describing what they had?

She drank her coffee before leaving Starbucks.

The Detention House

As Stanley stepped out of his Porsche, he looked up at the Detention House. He had to admit this was like a place that popped out from his nightmares. It was a place that he'd associate with death and lunatics.

The only reason he'd choose to come to this place was that he'd finally considered Mandy's request. He had decided to spare Daniel of the lawsuit, but even then, he still thought that Daniel should pay a bit more for what he'd done to her.

"Uncle… Why are you here?" Daniel stumbled upwards the moment he saw Stanley entering the detention facility. Though he could only see him through the glass window, his presence was still very overwhelming.

"You don't have to look so surprised. I'm here for a reason, and that isn't to forgive you." Stanley raised his chin, his voice calm and detached. Daniel was the man locked in the cell. In theory, Stanley had already won the game, so he didn't need to stoop further down to Daniel's level.

The young man bowed his head, avoiding Stanley's gaze. The memories of the past struck him as if it had just happened a few seconds ago. He hated himself for what he had done. If he knew the consequences of betraying them was for Mandy to be pushed into another man's arms, he wouldn't have done what he did.

He loved Mandy, loved her with his entire heart.

is head and finally looked at Stanley. Daniel was a proud young man, and this was the first time he had ever asked, maybe even begged, someone.

"Everyone must be responsible for their actions. This is your consequences, deal with it!" Stanley sneered. "Make a choice, and you'll come out tomorrow."

He nodded. "Can I at least see Mandy before I leave the city?" Daniel hesitated, feeling the coldness rushing back to him. Even if Stanley didn't agree, he didn't find it in himself to be angry at the man, for he deserved it.

"I can't make that choice for her." Stanley took a deep breath. If he told his daughter, she'd definitely be there to see him one last time, and hopefully, it would stay that way.

"Thank you, Uncle Stanley." Daniel staggered back up, bowing, with tears in his eyes.

"Well, I hope you can turn over a new leaf somewhere."

Daniel had always been strong, but now, he couldn't help but feel as if he had lost the war he had waged over Stanley. The father-daughter team had helped him regain the freedom he had so longed for. When he'd finally migrate to another city, he hoped to become a great businessman like his father once was.

Although they both said they wouldn't forgive him, their actions had already proven otherwise. That was enough for him.

Sometimes, fate was a fickle thing. No one could ever really tell what would happen in the future, but it was still something everyone looked forward to.

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