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   Chapter 106 Go Home Yourself

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No matter how ambiguous it looked, people still found it very pretty. The dress that Nathan had picked for Mandy had made her graceful figure look more exquisite. He had a good taste for aesthetics. Both Nathan and Mandy attracted the attention of people with their striking looks.

Mandy felt Nathan's warmth as they held hands. It seemed that they were in love.

Almost all the seats in the cinema were taken. Mandy almost fell down while walking on the stairs. Luckily for her, Nathan was beside her to guide her steps. He tightly held her around her waist.

Nathan's sweet gesture made Mandy's face turned as red as a rose. Her face became extremely warm as she blushed.

"Use your eyes when you're walking. Woman, be careful," Nathan said. Nathan couldn't believe that a klutz like Mandy could have become a doctor.

"I'm sorry, but my eyesight isn't good right now," Mandy said, smiling at her clumsiness.

They finally found their seats just in time. The movie was about to begin. The movie was not bad. At least it didn't make Mandy dizzy. One time, there was an intense scene when Nathan felt that Mandy almost jumped out of her seat. Once again, Nathan held Mandy in his arms to comfort her. This time, Mandy leaned into his arms, and they looked like a young couple.

When the movie ended, Nathan and Mandy walked out the cinema holding hands.

"Would you like a cup of coffee?" Mandy asked, looking at the people around them come and go.

"As you wish," Nathan answered in his usual cold voice.

They went to a nearby Starbucks. The first floor was completely occupied with happy couples chitchatting. Mandy, after so long, had already gotten used to this type of warm and loving atmosphere.

"I think I'll get a cup of mocha. How about you?" Mandy asked Nathan and looked at him.

She saw him looking at his cellphone. It seemed like he was chatting with someone on WeChat. Nathan kept lowering his head and said, "I'll have what you're having."

low your heart." Mandy felt anxious. She was afraid that Nathan would see through her.

Thinking about what kind of person Nathan is, Mandy could hardly restrain her feelings. From the first day she had met him, her heart always felt like a mess.

"You fool. I always follow my heart. You don't have to worry about me," Nathan said. His smile was like a spring breeze, warm and beautiful.

He was laughing as he reached out his hands to touch Mandy's face. She fondly looked at Nathan with her eyes filled with love.

Nathan and Mandy looked at each other. He knew what Mandy was thinking about, but he wanted her to say it out loud.

When Nathan's cell phone rang, he just took a quick glance and put it in his pocket.

"Sorry, I have something to deal with. You'll have to go home yourself. Don't stay in the mall for too long," Nathan seriously said.

"Okay," Mandy replied. She wanted to ask whether there was something wrong. But she would always swallow her words when she saw Nathan's face.

When Nathan left, Mandy could still see him standing out in the crowd. Mandy never took her eyes off him until he disappeared into the crowd.

Mandy felt a little sadness setting in on her. She had been extremely happy when Nathan took her out to the movies. However, when he left, she felt abandoned.

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