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   Chapter 105 I Don't Feel Dislike To Her

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As a doctor, she often spent her days in the hospital, so she wasn't fond of staying there that much, especially now that she was required to rest. Other than she found it dreary, she also didn't have someone to accompany her, even Nathan. Judging from his expression, she was certainly sure that he would go to work.

"Where do you want to go?" Nathan asked affectionately with a doting smile on his face.

His attitude was different from how he behaved last night. Mandy was perplexed. Looking steadily at Nathan, she felt cautious as she mumbled softly, "I want to go home."

"Let's go. Didn't you say that you want to watch a movie? Let's go to the cinema," Nathan suggested tenderly, and he held her gaze.

"What? Really?" she stammered, feeling bewildered as ever. She even tried convincing herself that maybe, he decided not to work today. Thrilled, she then mentally gave him a thumbs up, like a happy kid!

"Really. You go wash yourself first," he reassured her. Then in one swift motion, he removed her quilt and held her gently as he helped her out of bed.

Sudden expectations and excitement were showing in Mandy's eyes, so she smiled almost sweetly at him and eagerly said, "Thank you."

Everything seemed to be back to normal again, where Nathan became warm and considerate once more. Mandy liked this side of him so much, making her heart swell in bliss. In no time, she trotted gaily into the bathroom, humming a song while brushing her teeth.

Nathan's eyes danced with amusement the whole time he watched her overjoyed reaction. Settling himself on the sofa, the corner of his lips curled into a gentle smile, and he could not help but shake his head at the sight of Mandy's face that seemed to glow with happiness.

Realizing that they had been together for so many days, and never once had he accompanied her for a whole day, and not even letting her be so happy, Nathan thought he owed Mandy a lot. Although he was convinced to get Mandy, he should try to treat her properly.

"Hey, it seems that I don't have any clothes." She poked her head out of the toilet and looked at Nathan expectantly. Her eyes seemed to be pleading silently.

Nathan approached her and handed a paper bag to her. Seeing her innocent look, he smiled but didn't say anything.

Mandy eagerly took the bag. Inside she found a chiffon dress, which was very suitable for this season.

Ever since they lived together, Nathan had been taking good care of her in her daily life. He provided the clothes she wore, and every dress was a limited edition. Mandy knew about branded cl

red as he smiled slyly.

Mandy pouted in defeat, reluctantly admitting that he won. Unhappily, she stared at him and meekly said, "Then what do you want to eat?"

She had never seen such a shameless person!

They quarreled and argued on their way until they arrived at their destination. Lacing his fingers to hers, Nathan dragged Mandy into a Hong Kong-style restaurant next to the cinema.

Done with their breakfast, they eased their way towards the cinema's entrance. Mandy and Nathan were walking one after the other. Nathan was walking in front while Mandy was following closely behind. Nathan suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Mandy was too absorbed with something else, and she did not notice Nathan had halted his steps. Without warning, she bumped her nose against Nathan's strong back.

"Oh, my God... My nose!" Mandy yelped, whining out painfully. She frowned as she gently rubbed her nose with one hand and silently glared at Nathan.

"Who told you to think about other things while walking? You deserve it," he threw a cold glance at her while mocking her without mercy.

But in the next second, Nathan took her left hand and held it firmly. Mandy suddenly felt a little awkward and tried her best to take her hand back, but unfortunately, he wouldn't budge and gripped her hand more tightly instead.

"Let me go. Why do you hold my hand in public?" Mandy whispered furiously.

"You are my woman. What's wrong with holding your hand? We have done more intimate things than this. Do you still mind that now?" Nathan stopped and bent over, smiling ambiguously by Mandy's ear.

Mandy was instantly petrified!

'Oh, my God! How could I meet such a shameless person!' Mandy wished she could die.

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