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   Chapter 104 What Else Can You Do Except To Threaten

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"I know you are awake." Without warning, Nathan covered Mandy's right wrist with his palm, which was the injured part.

She still ignored Nathan. But unexpectedly, drowsiness soon invaded her senses, and she fell asleep quickly.

Nathan, on the other hand, was closely watching her slipping away into a deep slumber. With a hint of impatience, he put forth strength to his fingers and pressed them hard on her injured wrist, which jolted Mandy awake, and she screamed in pain.

"Ouch! It hurts. Let me go." She opened her eyes grimly, showing a fit of slight anger in her clear eyes.

She was injured, but he was still treating her like this. Was he even a human?

Only Nathan would do such a despicable thing to force her to open her eyes.

Glancing at her wrist, Mandy was trying to stop the bleeding, but it was not easy. The gauze was saturated again because of the pressure.

Frightened, Mandy was fully awake now. She looked straight into Nathan's cold eyes, and she involuntary felt herself shudder with chills running down her spine.

There was a fear that spread from the bottom of her heart.

"Mandy, listen to me. If you dare to engage in such a move to end your life again, I will make your whole family die with you. You know, it's only a piece of cake for me to destroy your family," With a strong sense of warning in his dark eyes, he was completely different from the anxious and worried Nathan from earlier when he was waiting outside the operating room.

It was unfortunate for Mandy, however, that she never saw him get worried about her before. So in her heart, she could only perceive Nathan as a real devil.

"What else can you do except threatening me with my family?" Mandy was in a rage, but her voice sounded indifferent.

"Well? Do you really think I'm useless except that I am only good at threatening?" Nathan slightly arched his eyebrows and asked her instead without giving her a retort.

The tense atmosphere around them made them both feel the brewing conflict in the quiet air. Mandy could easily discern the mix of sarcasm and disdain in Nathan's eyes.

Noting his sullen look, she managed to bring herself to reply in a trembling voice, "Yes."


d at the vast horizon, deeply lost in his thoughts. He didn't even notice that Mandy was already awake.

She silently watched his back for a while, with a feeling of coldness in her heart, knowing she could never get close to Nathan. She perceived that he was thinking about something, but she had no idea what about it.

Mandy desired to know Nathan's secret, but she was afraid of knowing it because they were from two different worlds, and it would never be possible for them to be together.

Mandy was struggling in her heart. For the first time in her life, she felt what self-abasement was. When the sun shone on Nathan's shoulder, he moved an inch, letting his hair seem to fly in the ray of light. Like being captured by a camera, his every move was slowly presented in front of her eyes.

She was still mesmerized and in a daze when Nathan turned around, greeting her with a faint smile on his handsome face, "Good morning."

Snapping back to her senses, Mandy blinked her eyes and replied foolishly, "Good morning."

Her heart seemed to be disturbed by Nathan. She had this strong desire to know everything about him. Why was he sometimes cold and sometimes passionate? Everyone had a story, even Nathan–the man, who made all women go crazy?

"I have already asked for leave for you. You can rest here, at ease," Nathan informed her, nonchalantly.

"I... I don't want to stay in the hospital," Mandy mumbled, looking innocent while pouting her lips.

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