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   Chapter 103 Mandy Cut Her Artery

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Updated: 2020-01-29 00:13

The leader looked up at Nathan, and his face had turned pale due to the incident. "Mr. Jin... Mr. Jin, this..."

As Nathan strode towards them, he could see the cold smile on Mandy's face. It was filled with despair and sadness.

Seeing Nathan running over, Mandy used the glass to cut her wrist one more time.

"Are you crazy?" Nathan looked at her in disbelief, with his eyes becoming red.

He wasn't going to let anyone hurt her in the first place. All he wanted was just for her to ask him, just to ask him for a favor, but she never said it.

"Nathan, if... If I die, please let my family go." As a doctor, Mandy was knowledgeable of all her important arteries and veins. Right now, she had just cut her artery. Blood loss was her only freedom now. Just one look at Nathan's cold expression, and she felt life was truly meaningless.

Mandy wasn't a person who would give up easily, but she would rather die than be touched and humiliated by these men.

"No, I won't let you die." Nathan had this crazed look in his eyes as he shook his head. He quickly bent down and reached for the woman.

She owed him so much; she couldn't die.

Mandy laughed weakly. The blood was continuously running from the cut, dripping on the floor and painting their clothes.

"Mandy, you're such a ridiculous woman. I won't let you die. I swear, your family won't live a peaceful life if you dare to die." There was a hint of panic in Nathan's voice as he neared her.

"You're such an ass," Mandy murmured before seeing black. Her head was about to slam back to the floor, if not for Nathan catching her.

Nathan looked at his surroundings before glancing back at her, feeling regret planted deep in his heart. It was his fault. All of this, all of what happened was his fault. He was never a religious person, never one to believe in the omnipotent one, but now, he found himself praying that Mandy would survive.

Mandy was rushed to the No. 1 Hospital in City A.

While Mandy was rushed into the emergency room, Nathan paced back and forth in the corridor so repetitively that he could burn a hole through the floors. Cutting an artery was dangerous. If it wasn't stopped or treated well, Mandy could die.

And it was


"That's it. You can go home now." Nathan looked away, rubbing his temple. It was the end of the conversation for him. Nobody could convince him anymore.

In the ward, Mandy was already fully awake, overhearing the entire conversation between Nathan and Fred. She glanced at her bandaged wrist, a sad smile weaving onto her face.

Ever since she had met Nathan, her life had been a mess. She was exhausted from everything that had just happened.

If she could just stay at the hospital like this, she didn't need to think so much. A few more days and she would be able to leave Nathan permanently. Mandy would finally get the peace she wanted.

When Nathan pushed the door open, he saw that Mandy's eyes were open. As he neared, she immediately closed her eyes.

'Does Mandy hate me so much? She doesn't even want to see me, ' Nathan couldn't help but think to himself.

He slowly sat on the chair in front of the bed, not speaking. A sneer snuck into his thin lips.

Mandy closed her eyes nervously, yet her calm heart was already pounding faster as he neared.

"Do you hate me?" Nathan asked, his voice detached and cold.

Mandy pretended to sleep, not hearing him. In fact, she didn't want to waste any energy to talk to him. After what he had done and what he asked them to do, she just couldn't find it in herself to forgive him. Perhaps in his mind, all he saw her as was a toy he could play with whenever he was bored. She would not allow this to happen.

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