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   Chapter 102 Being Humiliated In The Casino

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"What the hell are you doing?" Mandy asked nervously. She was scared by the look on Nathan's face.

"Don't you want to get rid of me? As long as you satisfy me tonight, I'll let you go," Nathan grinned wickedly as he roughly dragged Mandy out of the room.

His nails were digging into her wrist, unaware of his own strength. Mandy gritted her teeth as she struggled through the pain. She was too prideful to say another word to him.

Where were they going? As they were approaching his car, her eyes widened in fear. Mandy struggled under his grip, trying to remove his fingers but to no avail. "Where are you taking me?"

"We're going where you should go to do what you're good at doing." Nathan opened the front door and shoved her into the passenger seat.

His eyes darkened. Tonight, Nathan would let Mandy know just how far he could go and how much he could do. Maybe she would then stop being so arrogant.

Mandy wasn't stupid. The moment the words slipped out of Nathan's lips, she knew what he would be up to. Mandy quickly struggled with the car door, only to see that it was probably locked.

As Nathan had taken the driver's seat, tears were suddenly leaking out from Mandy's eyes. She grabbed his arm, shaking it. "Where are you taking me? Let me go! I said, let me go!"

"Move, and I'll throw you into the zoo with the boa constrictor for the night!" Nathan turned, snarling at her.

Mandy stilled. Snakes, rats and cockroaches were the things she feared the most. She would rather die than live with a snake for the night. Silent tears ran down her face as she stopped struggling, dreading what would happen next.

It was dead at night now as Nathan drove, avoiding the traffic as they went. Minute after minute, Mandy sank in her seat, her heart beating faster and faster as they drove.

Imperial Palace Casino

It was one of the biggest casinos in City A. It was a home for millionaires and gangsters. It was where many got rich overnight while others went bankrupt. Not only th

sobbed as three men rushed to catch up with her.

When Mandy was being pulled by three other men, she found that she couldn't move anymore. She was trapped. The leader moved forward, grinning wolfishly at her. He pulled down his zipper and unbuttoned his belt. "Come on, love, don't struggle. This could be fun."

"Bah!" Mandy spat in his face.

Mandy didn't care whether Nathan would know how to love her. But she would rather die than be touched by these bastards.

The anger surged up in her heart. Mandy pushed and kicked till she finally escaped from the men. She avoided their arms and ran straight to the wine bottle on the tea table.

With one big stride, she grabbed the bottle and raised it high above her head.

All five men stopped what they were doing, eyeing the bottle she was holding. 'Will she use that to hold us off? She's got guts.'

Mandy took one last look at Nathan, only to see that he was still watching through the phone indifferently. The light cast a shadow across his face, making him look stony and cold.

She smashed the bottle against the wall, its shards falling to the floor. Without another word, she cut her right hand using the debris left.


Is she crazy?'

Blood spurted from the cut, spilling to the carpet. The men froze, unsure what to do anymore as they watched her.

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