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   Chapter 101 A Girl Like You Is Unworthy To Be Investigated

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"Please, listen to me. Our relationship is not what you think!" Mandy protested, feeling her palms start to sweat at the sight of Nathan on the verge of losing it. At the moment, she was lost for words, feeling as if whatever she said would just add more fuel to the flames.

"Was your dear Mr. Xu the one you've been calling in your dreams?" Nathan sneered, emphasizing on the word 'dear.'

Mandy sat on the sofa, feeling a sense of defeat rush over her. Even if she continued to defend herself for Bruce, it seemed that Nathan was already fully convinced that she was having an affair with him. She'd be wasting her breath.

Besides, the man already knew that she had been calling Bruce's name in the dream. It must've meant that Nathan had done plenty of investigations beforehand. He was just looking for confirmation. At the thought, she couldn't help but shudder. He was truly a man who shouldn't be messed with.

"Think whatever you want," Mandy said stubbornly.

"If you continue being like that, I assure you Bruce won't be seeing the sunrise tomorrow!" Nathan snarled out. He grabbed the tablet in front of him and threw it to the wall, the crash resonating across the room. He stalked to Mandy, step by step, like a grim reaper readying his scythe for another soul.

Mandy immediately stood up, but she felt weaker in comparison. If Nathan were the grim reaper, she was the guilty child he was preparing to collect. She shook, feeling his shadow getting closer and closer, his tall figure shrouding her completely.

"Bruce is just my friend! It's really not what you think," Mandy stepped back as she explained. Though her heart felt like it wanted to leap out of her chest in fright, she needed to do something, anything, to ensure her friend's safety.

However, despite her assurances and explanations, it seemed as if it just made him angrier. To him, though she called Bruce a friend, he was still the man she called out for in her dream.

From the time they'd been together, she only ever called him Nathan, but in her drea

quarreling. However, the moment Mandy's hand hit Nathan's face, her jaw dropped.

She couldn't believe it even though it happened right in front of her own eyes.

"Nathan, we're enemies even in our previous lives. If I knew things would be like this, then I would've still been with Daniel! Better to be with him than to be insulted by you like this! You always looked down on me as if you're at the top of the world. Since you hate me so much, just let me get out already!" Mandy roared. She had enough of his crap.

"You know, I never beat a woman...but now." Nathan pulled her wrist, baring his teeth. "You're making me reconsider. If you ever hit me again, I'll make your life a living hell!"

"What else can you do besides threaten me, my family, and anybody?" Mandy cried out.

"Do you really think that's all I can do?"

There was an unknown coldness in his voice, and it made Mandy shiver. There was something about Nathan that always made people nervous.

"All you know is how to manipulate people."

"Let me show you tonight how despicable I am, how much of an asshole I can be. You said you wanted to be with Daniel instead of me, then so be it!" Nathan grinned viciously. There was a strong hint of playfulness in his voice, like the devil playing with his victims. Mandy gritted her teeth, feeling the hairs in her arms standing up in fear.

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