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   Chapter 100 Please Don't Ask Any More

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Mandy had lied to Nathan, hoping that he wouldn't find out who Bruce was. She didn't like Bruce, which was why she didn't have any special feelings for him. For Mandy, Bruce was just a kind man whom she could trust like he was family. However, the relationship between them seemed to have grown a little complicated.

As she thought about this, she received a message on her phone. It was Bruce, and he was asking her if she had eaten dinner already.

When she read his message, she sat up straight, suddenly remembering what Fiona had said to her earlier. She looked at her conversation history with Bruce. Almost every day at around five o'clock in the afternoon, Bruce would ask her if she had had dinner. On top of that, he would also message her 'good morning' at the break of light, and 'good night' before she went to sleep. Since Mandy was so busy at work, she hardly got the chance to read the messages. And when she was off duty, she couldn't open his messages because Nathan was around.

"Not yet. How about you?" Mandy replied out of politeness.

"I'm eating right now," Bruce replied just seconds later.

Mandy hesitated for a while and then decided to text him back, "Okay, have your dinner first. I'll talk to you later."

With a sigh, she put down her phone and turned her attention to the piano. Her slender fingers glided along the keys. They were cool and smooth. It was obvious that this piano was cleaned every day and very well taken care of.

Mandy was in a daze as she stared down at the black and white keys. Once, there was a girl who would come play with her. Sometimes Mandy would play and take the lead, and sometimes it would be the other girl.

Now, with that girl gone, and Mandy felt that her music had lost its soul. No one else in the world could replace that connection they had. The girl was always on the same wavelength as she was. Without her, Mandy could do nothing but give up playing the piano.

Gently, she pressed her finger on one of the keys, its soft note ringing crispy in the air. At that moment, Mandy felt so lonely in her heart.

Shaking her head, she closed the lid and turned around. To her surprise, Nathan was there, leaning against the wall.

The sight of him made Mandy jump a bit, and

e anger in his eyes became more apparent. His face looked like he had been so badly betrayed.

"Okay." Mandy didn't feel the need to explain. She simply responded carelessly. The alias for Bruce was Mr. Xu on her WeChat. She thought that should not cause Nathan to doubt anything.

"Really?" Nathan's lips curled into a sarcastic smile. His ferocious eyes looked so cruel and ferocious.

It was then that Mandy realized that something terrible might have happened. She wondered if Nathan had seen her WeChat chat log.

Mandy was so nervous that she blinked her eyes and touched her nose involuntarily. Mandy knew that whenever she did this, it usually meant that she had something to hide.

"Are you having a love affair with you sister's teacher, Mand?" Nathan asked as he looked straight at Mandy. He suddenly let out a cold sneer.

Mr. Xu! His name was Bruce! Who else could it be?

"No, it is not what you think. He is the class supervisor of my sister." Knowing that Nathan was extremely angry at this point, Mandy reasoned it out with him in a great hurry.

"Really? Will the class supervisor of your sister add you on WeChat? Will your sister's teacher send you a message every day, greeting you good morning and good night? Who does he think he is talking to?" The more Mandy talked, the angrier Nathan became. He wanted Mandy to stop explaining. Maybe that would be better, he thought. As soon as Mandy finished explaining, Nathan felt cheated on. Until now, she was cheating on him!

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