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   Chapter 98 It Was Not An Honorable Thing

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Mandy was even more embarrassed. Luke had said it so politely and yet cunningly that she couldn't refuse him even if she wanted to.

"It's late now, and I still have to go to the hospital to deal with something. I'll see you later." Then, Mandy stood up straight. Obviously, Luke already knew what had happened between her and Nathan.

Mandy became a little worried by Luke's response and reaction.

Smiling reassuringly, Luke calmly stood up and said, "I'll see you off then."

"Please just a minute. You can rest here since you are not feeling well." Mandy pretended to be calm. She didn't want to see Luke anymore now. She first met him when she was simple. She had thought that he was a kind man. But now, she realized that he was a wolf in sheep's clothing. No wonder Nathan hated him so much.

Suddenly, Mandy realized she and Nathan stood together on the same issue!

When she returned to the hospital, Mandy kept thinking about what Luke had told her. She was in deep thought when Cassie came in with a medical report, so Mandy didn't seem to notice her.

"Mand, what are you thinking about?" Cassie said, smiling and squinting her eyes.

"Oh, nothing. It's just about the dissertation." Looking into Cassie's pure eyes, Mandy felt like she was a sinner because she lied to Cassie. Cassie was one of her best friends at the hospital, but Mandy knew she liked Nathan. Therefore, Mandy couldn't tell Cassie about what had happened between her and Nathan.

Cassie didn't think too deeply about things. She enjoyed a more simple outlook on life. Putting down the medical report, she said with an innocent look on her face, "Mand, how about eating cheese rice cake tonight? There's a new Korean restaurant on Yucai Road. My friend said it tastes pretty good."

After a moment of hesitation, Mandy said, "Cas, I'm really sorry, but I've been very tired recently. How about another day? It will be my treat."

Cassie's beautiful eyes displayed her dee

n's evil reply, Mandy immediately frowned and argued, "How can you say that? You're a hypocrite and a liar! Didn't we make an agreement with each other that I would stay with you at most a month?"

"The deal we made has passed away. I won't let you go now. It depends on my mood, whether I will let you leave. Mandy, this is the new deal. If you don't agree, then you will not be the only one to suffer." The ruthless thin lips of Nathan moved slightly as if the words were light. Yet, in fact, there was a homicidal intention hidden in it. Each word of him made Mandy's heart contract in anger and fear.

Mandy was being threatened by Nathan again. However, just like Nathan, Mandy hated being threatened.

She widened her eyes, which were full of burning anger, and roared at him, "Nathan, except for threatening me, what else can you do, huh?"

Nathan suddenly stood up and pulled Mandy into his arms. There was a touch of softness hidden in his warm hands. He gently stroked Mandy's porcelain face.

Yet, unfortunately, his every touch made Mandy's hair stand on end.

Mandy instinctively resisted his touch. There was a hint of disgust in her eyes. Her reaction was precisely caught by Nathan, but he was not angry. He just smiled lightly.

In this world, perhaps only Mandy hated him so much.

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