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   Chapter 97 A Presumptuous Request (Part Two)

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Mandy smiled back and replied, "Mr. Shi, I have to go now. I have something to deal with at the hospital. Take care!" Mandy packed up her things hurriedly and was all set to leave. Indeed, she had a lot of things to do in the hospital. It was estimated that she might have to work overtime in the hospital this night to finish these affairs.

Luke stopped her, "I have prepared a cup of tea for you, Dr. Zhou. Please have a seat and drink with me. You've come all the way to my house for my check-up. It's so generous of you. You must be a little tired since my house is quite far from your hospital. If you leave without even a cup of tea, I will believe that I am not a good host." When Luke said that, Mandy felt she had to stay there for a little while. Obviously, it's not polite to reject such a sincere invitation. There was a complicated sentiment hidden in Luke's gracious and sweet smile. He glanced shrewdly at Mandy.

Mandy took a glimpse at the tea table. There were two cups of tea on it, which were still steaming hot. As Stanley also liked drinking Tie Guanyin Tea, she was very receptive to its aroma. Mandy was sure that this tea was very expensive from the scent of it.

"Thank you for your kindness, Mr. Shi. But I don't have any know-how about tea. Please don't be disheartened if I can't taste it in the right way," responded Mandy. She blinked firmly, stood up obediently, and supported Luke to walk to the balcony.

In a vigorous spirit, Luke laughed and said, "It doesn't matter, just give it a shot, Doctor Zhou. This is a fresh tea that had just been picked two days ago."

Mandy wasn't a tea lover. She couldn't tell the difference be

it must be destined by fate, not through blind dates. Besides, I don't like to deliberately understand a person, and it's better to follow destiny. Do you think so?" Mandy played it smartly and gave him a sophisticated reply, which was not harsh either. She neither directly forbade him nor agreed to his presumptuous request.

Luke had anticipated that Mandy would turn him down. After all, she was now living with Nathan. But her denial of Damian came as an utter-shock for Luke. For girls, most of them would choose Damian if they had the right to choose between Nathan and Damian. However, Mandy missed such a great chance. After hearing her intelligent reply, Luke felt that this girl was not that simple. She was very sensible. As he expected, she had learned a lot while she was with Nathan.

"Doctor Zhou, don't be so solemn in your decision. I was just kidding. But my son Damian told me, he had formed a good impression of you. If he wants to pursue you I hope you can give him a chance at least. Please, can you do me a favor? Don't reject him directly?" said Luke with a feeble grin on his face.

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