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   Chapter 96 A Presumptuous Request (Part One)

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Updated: 2020-01-27 18:12

There were only eight days left. When the due time arrived, everything would be over. Mandy embraced herself in her heart. She reassured her soul that at that time, everything would be fine.

"Well, Mand. I trust you with all my heart and soul! Don't worry about this. I'll talk to your mother. After I talk to her, you can come home to have dinner with us in a couple of days. Your mother could not eat well or sleep well these last few days because of this. She cares about you very much," Stanley comforted Mandy gently. Mandy's father, Stanley, could not resist his daughter being so greatly disconcerted.

Hearing this, tears of guilt welled up in Mandy's eyes. She realized in this very moment that in this brutal world it's only her parents who loved her unreservedly. During these days, when she was living in Nathan's house, Mandy felt profoundly grieved for her parents. She lied to them and miserably failed to live up to their expectations of being an honest daughter. However, she had no other choice but to make a deal with Nathan to save her father. Undoubtedly, this deal was like the forbidden fruit in Eden, threatening yet alluring to her. She could not foresee her future with Nathan. Indeed, it's more appropriate to say she had not imagined that she would ever have a future with Nathan.

"Okay, I understand! Thank you, Father. It's late now. I'm going now. I'll come to see you again, some other day. Take care, goodbye!" Mandy was reluctant to leave her father, but she had to bid him farewell now. Mandy put her bag over her shoulder, stood up from the sofa, and curved her lips to give a forced smile to her father.

"Okay, drive carefully," responded Stanley.

With mixed feelings, Mandy walked out of the Zhou Group. She alway

Mandy politely stated her reason for visiting suddenly.

The man who was making tea for Luke not even raised his head for a brief second to have eye contact with Mandy. He was indulged in preparing the tea with rapt attention. He looked very serious, and it appeared as if making tea was the most significant task for him, on this entire planet.

"It's very nice of you, Doctor Zhou. Let's go to the bedroom."

"Sure," Mandy smiled and agreed. Then she hastened to help Luke up get up from his chair. Nathan's face kept running through her mind throughout this time because Nathan was Luke's nephew. Intuitively she always respected Luke as he was Nathan's uncle.

After a series of examinations, Mandy finally exhaled a sigh of relief. "Mr. Shi, I can clearly see you have been taking good care of yourself recently. Your wound has recovered well, and your heart rate is also in the normal range. So please continue taking good care of yourself, and you will be all healed in no time." Mandy had always liked a patient who followed her advice earnestly.

"That was only possible because of your good suggestions," Luke answered Mandy and smiled kindly at her.

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