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   Chapter 95 Your Rival In Love

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While taking a sip of his coffee, Fred leaned against the sofa. "Have you dug out anything on him yet?"

"No. The President invited me to attend the 50th anniversary of the founding of No. 1 High School in October." Nathan threw the phone aside in frustration. He covered his face with his hands.

"President Jin, why are you doing this? Your rival in love is obviously no match for you, so why feel so depressed?" Fred added a dramatic flair by placing a hand on his forehead, teasing his boss.

"You can go to work now," Nathan said gruffly. Now that Fred knew about Nathan's feelings for Mandy, God knew how much jokes and teasing he'd suffer from the man. Nathan dropped down on his chair in anger, playing with a pen that was on his desk.

Fred shrugged, but before he left the office, he gave another dramatic sigh. "The love and hate in you young people confuse this old man." He pointed a finger to himself. "Good luck, my man!"

Nathan flung a pen towards Fred.

As if he knew this was going to happen, Fred turned around swiftly, grabbing the pen between his two fingers without being bothered.

Fred played with the pen, rolling his eyes. "You could throw the pen as randomly as you want, President Jin, but I do hope you're not that careless with your heart."

The pen was thrown in a perfect arc, landing right into the small container on the desk. Nathan rolled his eyes at the performance.

As for the Martial Arts performance, only a few people in City A could be a match for Fred. Nathan's Martial Arts had also been acquired from Fred. Because of this, Fred knew the man better than anyone else.

At the JR Hospital

During her lunch break, Mandy and Jamie sat in the office to discuss their dissertation. Mandy had felt jumpy recently, so her dissertation was not fully covered. Thanks to Jamie, who helped her to check it and pointed out every single mistake, she made.

Mandy was quickly revising her papers, line per line while listening to Jamie speak.

"Doctor Zhou, are you going to get a Ph.D.?" Jamie asked with a smile.

"Of course." Mandy hesitated for a while. During her university years, all she e

ecially at a man who already has nothing to lose."

Stanley shook his head, sighing. Sometimes, he hated the fact that his daughter was just too kind.

"I see, but, Mand, have you thought this through? Daniel might not be grateful for what you've done, and he isn't the kind and loving man you thought he was. He is dangerous and despicable. Do you really want to let him go?" He frowned, leaning back in his seat.

Mandy lowered her head and said softly, "Dad, I'm actually just here to ask for your opinion. I trust that you'll make a better final decision."

"Silly girl, I know. Give me some time. I need to think about it." Stanley smiled dotingly. He only had one daughter, so as a father, he couldn't help but feel protective over her. In fact, if she'd ask for the moon, he'd find a way to pick it from the skies.

"Thank you, Father." She leaned her head against his shoulder. She missed spending time with her dad.

Touching her hair gently, Stanley asked in a low voice, "Mand, tell me the truth. Who have you been living with recently?"

"Dad, I'm living with a colleague of mine. Please tell mom to not overthink things. I'm really not capable of doing the things she'd thought me doing." Mandy had been well prepared before she came here. She knew that her father would ask her the question her mother had been throwing at her ever since she had last seen her, so now, she was prepared with a better excuse.

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