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   Chapter 94 Can't Fall In Love With Her

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Updated: 2020-01-27 04:12

"Last night, Nacy came to my villa. That wicked girl made Mandy think she was my girlfriend. Mandy drove me out of her room last night." Nathan groaned as he recounted the details of what had happened last night to Fred.

Fred didn't really share the same sentiments as he barked out loud with laughter. "You had it coming, man!"

Nathan bared out his teeth, snarling, "One more word, and I'll send you on a business trip to the desert."

Fred didn't say another word.

"I asked you here because I need your thoughts on something." Nathan took a sip of his drink before continuing, "Do you think Mandy has fallen in love with me?"

Fred raised his head at the question, just in time to meet Nathan's sharp gaze. He pursed his lips. "Mr. Jin, I haven't been in love for more than twenty years. I wouldn't know."

"You're no use," Nathan grumbled.

Although Nathan had affairs with many women before, he had never fallen in love with anyone else...At least, none except his first love. His first love had been like a cup of milk tea, soft and sweet. Mandy was like a glass of liquor—incapacitating and addictive. She was something he couldn't get enough off. One look at her, one thought of her, and Nathan would find himself drunk in the daylight.

Something emerged in Fred's eyes as he recalled his own past. When he had been young, he had served in the special forces together with his girlfriend. They had a great relationship, always having time for each other, even under armor and guns. Until a mission came up when his girlfriend had sacrificed herself to save him.

From then on, Fred had grown to realize that to be a real killer, he didn't need attachments in the real world. In front of his girlfriend's grave, he had promised that he wouldn't ever dare fall in love with another in his lifetime.

"While I'm not experienced, I still want to warn you. You can make Miss Zhou like you, even love

ng my time," he snapped. "She's my woman. She shouldn't be cheating on me like this!"

"Miss Zhou doesn't look like that kind of person." Fred was hesitant in bringing that up. Though he barely knew Mandy, she was the type of woman that he'd trust. She wasn't the type who'd be messing around with other men.

"Were they really childhood friends?" said Nathan grimly as he threw the thick file on the coffee table.

"To be exact, they weren't childhood friends but neighbors. She didn't really have a close relationship with him or else she wouldn't have known... Daniel."

Fred mentioned the latter name after a long pause, knowing full well that the name didn't bode well with Nathan. One look at him glaring at Fred with intensity was enough to prove his thoughts.

Nathan scoffed. In his eyes, she had multiple love affairs, having them with both Daniel and Bruce. For the whole day, Nathan took it on himself to study Bruce, even to the extent of calling the headmaster of No. 1 High School to find out more about him.

To his disappointment, he found nothing. The headmaster even praised how the class Bruce was in charge of now had the best grades of the whole batch. He wasn't at all skeptical of why Nathan called, using every opportunity to praise his staff.

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