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   Chapter 93 I'll Make You Self-supporting

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Woken up by Nathan's awe-inspiring tone, Mandy opened her eyes and found that he wore a normal expression for the time being. Then she looked around, noticing Nacy, who had also "encountered" Nathan's words and had an endless frown on her face.

"If you keep bellowing at me, I will report you to my godmother!" Nacy warned as she widened her eyes at Nathan to look more fierce. The godmother she was referring to was Daisy. Back then, Daisy had always wanted a daughter, but she had given birth to a son. However, Jason felt extreme sorrow for his wife, and she had even stopped having children, but it had been a regret of hers for years. But later, Jason's brother, Kevin, and his wife Sarah had given birth to Nacy. So Daisy had acknowledged her as her goddaughter.

"Don't threaten me with my mother!" Nathan grunted as he frowned. The surrounding air had brought some tension.

Nacy clambered onto the bed, feeling her eyes getting heavy. Then, a cunning smile glimpsed on her face. 'Men in the Jin Family are afraid of women!' she thought to herself.

In fact, men in the Jin Group was never apprehensive of women. They simply cherished and marked them!

Noticing Nacy had gotten back under the blankets, Mandy was too drowsy to open her eyes. She wanted to doze again, but when she glanced at the wall clock, it was already 7:30 A.M.

"My God!" Mandy squealed like a slaughtered hog, causing her sound to reverberate in the area.

Hearing Mandy's hoot, Nathan grimaced at her and scoffed, "She is an icon, so she can slumber as she desires. But you are just a typical woman. You'd better get up now!"

Mandy's vision got swirly, so she lurched to her feet. It showed that she was getting old, perhaps. When she was in college, she used to work late, and it was not as easy as when she was studying music. Even if she couldn't get too much sleep all night, she could still continue playing music the next day.

"Who says Mand is a common girl? Anyway, today a typhoon will be hitting this city. Mand, I demand that you don't go to work!" Na

knew Mandy very well, and she was tough. But whenever she had asked him for help with despicable characters, he couldn't resist it.

Last night, Mandy had kicked Nathan out of her room, and Nathan hadn't even had a chance to deal with the defeat. He stayed up all night to figure out Mandy's mind. He felt that she couldn't help but fall in love with him.

In the CEO's Office of JS International

Fred prepared two mugs of bitter mocha coffee for Nathan, and he found it odd since Nathan preferred sweet mocha to bitter coffee.

"Were you tired last night, Mr. Jin?" Fred quipped as Nathan stretched out on the settee. His remarks seemed to have a concealed understanding.

"I didn't sleep all night. What do you think?" Nathan replied with a mocking glance at Fred. "It's not what you think!"

"Really? Isn't Miss Zhou very attractive?" Fred blurted out as he grinned.

"What the hell! She kicked me out of her room last night, and I stayed up all night in the study," Nathan muttered unhappily, like an immature young man. At that moment, he looked as if his face was printed with a large word "unhappy!"

"Oh? Seriously? Why did Miss Zhou kick Mr. Jin out of the room?" When Fred heard Nathan's statement, his eyes lit up. In fact, it was the first time that a lady had snapped Nathan out of his own room. Mandy would definitely go down in the annals.

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