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   Chapter 92 You Are Cousins

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Mandy became uneasy. Her body tensed all over, and she could not help thinking, 'What can we talk about so late at night? Did she come here to declare war on me? Or has she already seen through the relationship between Nathan and me?'

Nacy was already suspicious since Mandy was in her cousin's house. But she didn't expose it. She only wanted to tease them a little bit, because being a naughty girl at times, she couldn't help it. Pissing them off that night was unexpected. She didn't mean it, and she later found herself having a hard time sleeping. Then she decided to explain it to Mandy. After all, she was so familiar with Nathan, a joke would never affect their relationship, but she could not ignore Mandy's feelings.

Mandy felt she was in a difficult situation. Now she wondered why Nacy was here at this late hour. "Miss. Jin, what do you want to know?"

"Well, I have some questions for you. What's your relationship with Nathan? Are you his girlfriend?" Nacy squinted her eyes. And with a complicated expression, she probed at Mandy.

Hearing what Nacy said, Mandy felt her heart was left hanging in the air. Her questions were too sensitive. Based on her assumptions, Nacy was Nathan's girlfriend, then how could she tell her that Nathan demanded her to live with him? And when a girlfriend got to know this, she would be bloody furious. Supposed she told her the truth, what could Nathan do to her? Would he be angry with her because what she said would ruin his relationship with Nacy? It seemed that Nathan liked Nacy very much. Mandy felt a throbbing pressure in her head when she learned that Nacy wanted to find out the truth. 'What if I said something wrong, would that cause a quarrel between Nacy and Nathan?' she bitterly thought.

"I'm his private doctor. Miss. Jin, didn't I explain it to you just now?" Mandy smiled awkwardly. She was no longer sleepy at all. She tried her best to make Nacy believe in her.

"Then why are you wearing pajamas?" Nacy doubted. Her facial expression showed that she was skeptical about the way Mandy pointed out her excuses. She wore a grave expression in her face as she gave Mandy a quick eye over. She found this all funny, but she suppressed herself hard not to laugh out loud. She swore that if Mandy didn't admit her relationship with her cousin, she would mischievously make fun of her.

"My clothes got dirty when I came here, so Mr. Jin lent me a pair of pajamas," Mandy gently responded with a baffled expression. She kept her fingers busy drawing circles on the bed. She was taken by surprise by that question, and in a hurry, she couldn't think of any good excuses.

"Okay. The last question, why do you sleep here? This room is the master's bedroom. Do you think I'm so easy to fool

e wondered if there were something urgent that came up to made Nacy leave so early in the morning. To his astonishment, he rubbed his eyes as he found Mandy and Nacy sleeping in the same bed.

'When did they sleep together? And why did they sleep together? Besides, did they kick him out of the master bedroom in order to sleep together?' Wasn't it such a trap for him! He could not accept these two girls would treat him like this.

However, noting that they got along so well with each other, the frown on his face immediately disappeared, and relief washed over him as he continued to gaze at them.

"Two piggies, time to get up!" Nathan cleared his throat and expressed loudly, waiting for their reaction.

Mandy could not open her eyes at all. Though she heard a man shouting near her ears, she could not figure out who he was. She groggily shielded her head from the outside noise with the quilt.

Nacy acted angrily. She picked up a pillow and smashed it towards him. She always got up on the wrong side of the bed, so no one dared to wake her up so early.

Nathan quickly dodged the oncoming pillow. At the next second, he looked helpless at them. Without warning, he swiftly picked up Mandy and Nacy and threw them both to the floor.

"Damn it! Nathan! You are a jerk!" Nacy was bemused that Nathan had done such naive thing to them. She kept silent for three seconds before cursing him loudly.

Mandy, on the other hand, was sitting on the floor with a confused look plastered on her sleepy face. She had no idea why she was on the floor. So she merely looked around her and decided to rest for a while.

"Say it again, you naughty girl!" Nathan angrily demanded. Nathan's serious and cold voice was like a sword that stung into their hearts. Of a sudden, they both perked up and turned to look at Nathan in surprise.

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