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   Chapter 91 Got Kicked Out By The Beauty

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"Your..." Mandy cleared her throat. "Your girlfriend is still bathing inside. I know, I am your secret lover, and I've no right to question you. But I don't want your girlfriend to be unhappy, so you better leave right away," said Mandy, trying to suppress her anger.

"She won't be mad at me." Nathan wore an evil smile and held Mandy tightly with all his strength. He suddenly crashed his hot lips against Mandy's as she yelped at the intensity of the kiss.

Mandy was taken aback. "Let go of me. Let me go!" Mandy protested, desperately trying to escape Nathan's tight embrace. But Nathan shoved her on the bed and pressed his body against hers. He crashed his lips against hers, one more time, and slid his tongue into her mouth. He kissed her with everything he had.

Mandy was out of breath and felt as if her bones had turned sore as Nathan reluctantly let her go.

"You've got want you want. Get out now." Mandy sat up on the bed and was completely exhausted. She wanted to push Nathan away—as far away from her as she could.

"Mandy, do you really want me to be with other women?" Nathan had visited Mandy to explain what had happened. He knew that she had misunderstood him. But when he saw that Mandy didn't seem to care, he didn't bother explaining.

"Does it matter at all?" Mandy slowly moved her body, trying to keep a safe distance from Nathan.

Nathan grew furious when he saw that Mandy was being cautious and wanted to stay away from him. 'Does she desperately want me to be with other women?' he thought.

"Okay, as you wish," Nathan said coldly

and stormed out of the room. He was gone like a gust of wind, carrying away all the warmth. The room was cold and quiet. Mandy was left all alone

Mandy curled up on the bed and hugged herself as she cried her heart out. Nathan had brought a woman into the villa. What more could she expect of him? She could clearly see her future.

In the

hat the probability of two people being together depended entirely on fate.

Now, Nathan had brought Mandy to this villa. Only Nacy understood what this truly meant.

Mandy was curled up on the bed in the master bedroom. She bit her lips, trying to distract her thoughts. She couldn't fall asleep as Nathan was not with her.

'I'm a bitch!' thought Mandy, biting her lips harder.

The bedroom door was pushed open. Mandy shut her eyes, thinking it was Nathan. She pretended to stay asleep.

Nacy hopped inside the room without making a sound. She looked at Mandy's quivering eyelashes in the dim light

A smile formed on Nacy's lips. 'I was right. How can Mandy sleep peacefully after what had happened?' she thought.

"Miss Zhou, I know that you are awake. Can we talk?"

Mandy remained motionless before she finally sat up. Her hair was as much of a mess as her mind was.

"Miss Jin, are you still awake?" Mandy asked turning on the bedside lamp. She smoothed her hair, trying to look calm.

Nacy was a professional actress and an amazing mind reader. The confusion in Mandy's eyes made Nacy smile.

"Yes. I want you to sleep peacefully. So I thought that I should talk with you," Nacy said softly. Her thick eyelashes fluttered like the wings of a butterfly.

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