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   Chapter 90 Mistress In The House

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The sun gradually fell as the stars once again returned to the dark skies. After bathing, Mandy slinked into a thin nightdress. She shuffled uncomfortably. Though the fabric was smooth, it felt as if it wasn't covering anything. Ever since she had moved here, Nathan was the one preparing her clothes, setting up her own walk-in closet of two hundred square meters to provide her with more options.

It rained heavily that day, and from the news, she had heard, it was most likely a sign of another hurricane coming in. Mandy gazed over the windowpane, stopping when she saw two headlights shining from the yard.

Not long after the car had stopped, a petite woman stepped up to the door. She wasn't holding an umbrella, so she held her hand over her head to protect herself from the rain.

Even if she squinted, Mandy still couldn't see who the woman was due to the darkness that surrounded the space. Curiously, she bent over, trying to get a better look. Maybe this was Nathan's love.

As she thought of this, Mandy frowned, backing away from the window. Who was this woman?

'If I went down...' Mandy considered, weighing up her options. In a few minutes, she found herself going down the stairs. Curiosity had won this time around.

With forced calmness, she flew down the stairs as quietly and as slowly as possible. A few steps downwards, she could already make out the two of them. Nathan was holding the woman with one hand. She was standing there with her back to Mandy, so she couldn't get a better look at her face. However, from the way he was holding her, it seemed as if the woman was important to him.

"Why are you wet?" Nathan said coldly. Mandy couldn't help but stand over there, not knowing what to do next.

He was so focused on the woman that he didn't notice Mandy had come downstairs.

"Don't worry. I just got wet when I got out of the car," the woman said in a teasing and slightly flirty manner.

The voice was familiar. It felt as if Mandy had already heard it from someone she had met at the hospital. She paused.

"Go upstairs and change your clothes," Nathan said softl

t her, hadn't let her go, as if they were a couple. So were they? Mandy's tongue clicked at the back of her mouth.

The more she thought about it, the sourer she became. Mandy frowned, stalked back to her bedroom, and buried herself into the sheets. It was like she was going to get sick from thinking all of these things.

Suddenly, as she buried herself, she heard the door lock.

Mandy yelped at the sound, glancing up to see that it was only Nathan.

"What are you doing here?" Mandy scrambled backward, grabbing the corner of her clothes. Her back hit the hard wood of the bed, but she found herself wanting to go even further back. She glanced at the door, biting her lips.

"This is my house. What do you think I'm doing here?" Nathan folded his arms, sitting on the bed.

"What... Don't do this. Get out of here." She bent closer to him, motioning to the door in a hushed manner. If Nacy were to see them like this...Her face flushed at the thought. It was going to be very difficult to explain.

"Why should I?" Nathan did a backhand pull and drew Mandy into his arms. The distance between them was now a few millimeters, and she could feel him breathing down her neck.

Mandy blushed as Nathan slowly stretched his thin and long fingers, caressing her face as if she were a sculpture he had created. Though she wanted to get out, to leave, she found herself leaning deeper into his arms.

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