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   Chapter 89 Disdain

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"Stop playing innocent. You know what you've done. Get out of here now!" Madeline didn't want to say anything more to Mandy. Since she couldn't find out anything, she was getting more and more suspicious about Mandy.

"Mom, don't be like this, okay? I really didn't do anything." Mandy gritted her teeth and stared at her mom. She didn't know what to do.

"Really? You did nothing at all? Then why don't you move back home? Let me tell you something. Your sister lives here, too. I don't want to mislead Nana, so I won't say anything in front of her. Now it's up to you if you want to save your reputation."

Sitting awkwardly on the sofa, Fiona tried to stop the mother and daughter pair from arguing. She had never seen them argue this badly since she had moved in. What on earth could have happened between them? She didn't know if there had been a misunderstanding. She knew nothing at all!

"Aunt, you must have misunderstood Mandy. She won't do anything wrong. You have to trust her." Fiona stood up and limped up to separate them.

Mandy felt wronged and disappointed. Since she had made up her mind to be with Nathan, she knew there would be some backlash. But what she didn't expect was that the first person to criticize her would be her mother.

"Mom, I'm sorry, I can't move back home so soon. I haven't finished my work at the hospital. I'll come to see you again another day," Mandy said helplessly.

Glaring at her, Madeline pointed at Mandy. "You're out of your mind."

Facing Madeline's question and anger, Mandy didn't bother to explain. She was afraid that if she said anything, Madeline would get upset. She would rather her parents and Nana knew nothing. She could bear everything alone.

"Aunt, don't be angry." Fiona pulled down Madeline's restless fingers and patted her chest gently to comfort her.

Madeline was relieved when she looked at Fiona. After she calmed down, she said, "Nana grew up to be such a caring girl. I can't even begin to think where I went wrong with you."

Feeling hurt, Mandy bowed before she left without looking back. If he

just needed someone to look through her and understand. Why couldn't she show this painful loneliness in front of Nathan? How heartless could he be?

"What? Mandy, don't forget your role here. I'm your master, and you are just my plaything, understand? I don't care if you are sad. You should just choke it down and keep up the happiness in front of me. Or else, you're useless to me." Nathan's gaze narrowed. A fearful coldness appeared on his handsome face.

Mandy was a woman in the 21st century, and she had a master. She felt sad about herself. What was the difference between her and a slave from ancient times?

Mandy was exasperated, but she did not say anything. Nathan was right. She had a role to play for him. With him, she only had to look happy. She couldn't let her unhappiness show.

She was still angry, but she wasn't foolish enough to not take care of herself. The food Lillian had prepared was so delicious it could be compared to food prepared in a Michelin starred restaurant. As she started to calm down, Mandy gobbled up the food in a hurry.

As Mandy began to look more like herself again, the angry expression on Nathan's face softened and gave way to a rare smile.

Mandy looked at the man opposite her, feeling complicated. The handsome, almost perfect face had won the hearts of countless girls. There had been so many naive girls beguiled by his face.

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