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   Chapter 88 You Still Have The Nerve To Come Back

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"Okay." Mandy took out her phone and added Nacy to her WeChat.

Nacy felt a bit underwhelmed by Mandy's reaction, not really knowing how too respond. She was Nacy, the famous Nacy, yet Mandy didn't even bat an eye when she found out. Nacy began her debut as a child and had since joined film crews in shooting tons of shows. She had always loved making films, not because of the high pay. She was already rich, being Nathan's cousin. She didn't really need the money, to begin with.

"I have bandaged the wound for you. Remember, don't walk too much these next two weeks. Have a good rest and change the bandages every day to avoid infection," the doctor warned once she was finished.

"Thank you, Doctor." Mandy nodded politely.

After that, Mandy decided to take Fiona home while her sister started chatting endlessly on what had happened.

"The person who hit me was a big star, you know?" Fiona grew up in City A and being star-struck, she was knowledgeable about almost every celebrity. Ask her about any gossip in the showbiz, and she'd tell you as if she knew them like the back of her hand.

Mandy was entirely different. Being more career-oriented all her life, she had never really been interested in gossip, especially celebrity gossip.

"Really? Is she very famous?" Mandy asked. Fiona looked up at her as if affronted by the question.

"Of course! She is Nacy!" Fiona drew out the two syllables as if the word was of big importance. "She is rich as hell, not because of her career but because of her family as well." Fiona sighed, fanning her face. If there was one thing she wished, she wanted to have a future as bright as Nacy's.

Holding the steering wheel with one hand, Mandy's expression changed to a more thoughtful one. She bit her lip. She had met a girl whose last name was also Jin. Was there a chance she'd be related to Nathan? After all, there weren't that many people with that last name in City A.

As much as she was curious, Mandy didn't ask. Fiona didn't say much after that. Instead, she observed her sister from a distance, seeing the dark circles beneath her eyes. She looked haggardly, and that was putting it lightly.

"Sis, you look

to worry!" Fiona beamed, hopping to the living room.

Mandy followed Fiona without saying another word, her heart pounding nervously. Madeline was her mother, and nobody knew her as she did. The moment their eyes connected, she could see the burning behind her mother's gaze.

"Sit down, sit down. Dinner will be ready soon." Madeline helped Fiona sit on the sofa. As Mandy was about to sit next to her, she was stopped by a cold sneer.

"How dare you come back here?"

As Madeline said that, it felt as if the temperature in their house dropped to zero. Fiona gaped at the two, eyes wide in shock.

'What happened?'

"Mom..." Mandy wanted to say something, but no words came out of her. Besides, it wasn't as if she could explain her situation now. Her life of living with Nathan was coming to an end anyway–just ten more days. Ten more days of hell and she'd finally be able to tell her mother what was going on.

"Get the hell out of here! You're not welcome in this household!" Madeline lashed out. Her daughter had kept a secret, that was all that she knew. She had called Mandy to join the Zhou Group last time, so she had sent a few people to investigate on her daughter. Suddenly, all the theories she had were connected. Her daughter was lying to her; she must've done something shameful to the family.

"Mom, why don't you trust me? What did I do?" Mandy protested. All she ever did with Nathan was only for the good of this family.

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