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   Chapter 86 Be A Private Doctor

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His cold eyes stared at nothing as if thinking of something. He pressed Mandy's shoulder gently and woke her up.

"It is not me. I beg you. Don't come over. Don't hurt me." Mandy's body shivered as tears ran on her delicate face.

"It's okay, Mandy. It's just a nightmare," Nathan whispered calmly. His warm touch invisibly ignited heat all over her body, awakening her senses as if leading her out of the nightmare.

Mandy grabbed Nathan's hand and sat up from the bed, sobbing. Her hair was tousled, and her eyes were puffy as if she just woke up from a great dream.

As she opened her eyes, the nightmare was still vivid. She was so afraid that she threw herself into Nathan's arms without hesitation, seeking refuge and comfort. Nathan was startled but welcomed her with warmth.

She found uncertain security in his arms. He gave her comfortable warmth as he wrapped her in his strong arms, but there was a glint of sadness, and the comfort slowly faded to uneasiness, reminding her that she did not belong there, and the uncertainty of his security troubled her.

When he saw the frightened look on her face, a touch of regret flashed through his deep sympathizing eyes. He was afraid that she was frightened by what he said before they slept. It was just a joke of course. Mandy was really gullible, and if there were really something malicious hidden in his house, he would certainly refuse to accept it in the first place.

"Did you have a nightmare?" Nathan asked expressionlessly after giving Mandy some time to gather her thoughts and come back to her senses.

Mandy nodded without a word. Her crystal eyes mixed with a touch of endurance and uneasiness.

"Don't worry. There is nothing to be afraid of. Don't think too much. You're safe here. Go back to sleep." When he shot Mandy a cold look, there was an unspoken feeling of alienation in his calm tone.

"Really?" Mandy asked with unconvinced tone. She was apparently doubtful.

"Yes. If you really want to know, you can marry me. I'll tell you the truth after we get married," Nathan said with a slight smile. His expression was hard to read, as if he was hiding something behind his handsome face.

Mandy opened her mouth to say something but paused as she looked at Nathan's indifferent face. She held h

eyes and forced a small smile. She was a smart woman. Since Tyler made his biggest concession, she would certainly give in.

"Thank you for your kindness, Dean Tyler," Mandy replied with a smile. Deep inside, she did not want to do it, not even for the money.

When she got back to the office, Jamie and Jayleen were discussing the surgery. Mandy greeted them without enthusiasm.

"How are you, Jamie, Jayleen?" Mandy asked. She was tired and apparently dragging herself at work.

"Director Zhou, what is wrong with you?" Jamie asked worriedly as he gave Mandy an affectionate look. He stared at Mandy for a long time and noticed that Mandy didn't look good.

"I'm fine," Mandy replied curtly. She did not even fake a smile.

"I heard that the Dean talked to you," Jayleen said in a low voice as she moved near her. She thought something bad happened to Mandy because usually, it was not a good thing to be called by the Dean of the hospital.

"Yes, he asked me to be Luke's private doctor," Mandy said reluctantly, apparently not happy with the news.

"Don't be silly. Isn't it good to be a private doctor and earn some extra money? Why do you look so upset?" With her big eyes fixed on Mandy, Jayleen didn't know what Mandy was thinking.

Of course, Mandy would not let Jayleen know her dilemma. She couldn't let anyone know that she was living with Nathan.

"I'm just really busy, so I don't want to go." Holding her chin in her hands, Mandy stared at Jayleen without expression, and she looked lost.

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