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   Chapter 82 Mr. Jin Cares About You Very Much

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Later that morning, when Mandy woke up, she caressed the pillow but discovered it was empty.

When she went downstairs, she noticed Lillian was waiting for her at the dinner table. There were only tableware and some dishes on it, but Nathan was not around anymore.

"Good morning, Miss Zhou." Lillian saw that Mandy was a little depressed, so she gave her a warm approach.

"Good morning, Lillian." Mandy stepped over, feeling a little disappointed.

Living there, she had no sense of continuance because Nathan always disappeared whenever he wished and didn't care about her emotions. She also didn't want to live in such a mess anymore.

"Miss Zhou, please enjoy your meal. Mr. Jin has gone to work." Lillian paused and stared at the expression on Mandy's face. She seemed to think about whether or not she should bring up Nathan.

"Okay, I know." Tired, Mandy took a glance down the hall. The grand place was crisp and empty, without a trace of home. How could she like such a place?

Their relationship was like a roller-coaster. When it seemed so perfect, Mandy considered she was fantasizing. Only when their commitment turned stiff did she feel that it was so certain.

"Mr. Jin is very busy with his work. Miss Zhou, please don't mind it," Lillian said. Noticing that Mandy was quite miserable, she decided to say something more.

"That's okay. At least... I know who I am." Mandy laughed at herself, but there was a hint of desolation in the sound.

She was just his underground sweetheart, not even his mistress. She was his plaything, so how dare she care about him?

Lillian was a woman who had loads of experience. That was why she could see the anguish in Mandy's eyes. She walked forward, seized her hand, and said, "Miss Zhou, actually, Mr. Jin is still very concerned about you."

"Lillian, don't try to influence me. I'm going to leave here in half a month. I want to get along well with him for the remaining time and then disappear." Mandy lowered her eyes, and her thic

ered the phone with her trembling finger.

"Hello, Mom." Mandy gritted her teeth, feeling her palms getting clammy.

"Mand, are you free now? Come to the company as soon as possible," replied Madeline in a calm tone.

"Okay, I'll be right there." Knowing about the incident, Mandy didn't dare to say no. On the way from the hospital, her mind was in quite a dilemma as she was thinking about how to explain it to her mother.

Mandy arrived at the Zhou Group soon thereafter.

"Good morning, Miss Zhou," the secretary gave Mandy a warm greeting.

Although Mandy was the daughter of the CEO of the Zhou Group, she hardly came to the company. Therefore, the staff treated her as a rare guest, and they were very inquisitive about her.

"Good morning," Mandy acknowledged with a smile on her face, but she proved to be despondent.

When she opened the door of the office, she saw that Madeline was sitting at her desk while reading some documents. When Mandy finally stepped into the room with a guilty smile on her face, Madeline said in a low voice, "Go and get two cups of coffee."

Mandy put down her bag and went to the tea room to make coffee. When she came out, Madeline was already waiting for her on the sofa.

"Mand, how are you doing recently?" Madeline grabbed a cup of coffee with a modest grin on her face.

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