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   Chapter 81 Who Is Bruce

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"Okay, I know." Mandy placed the milk on the nightstand. She was not curious about it, and she knew that she should obey the rules.

Later that night, Mandy had a long dream.

She was walking into a forest, and there was an eerie feeling that she was lost. It was foggy. The air was pungent with the smell of smoke, which made her cough.

"Ahem!" She didn't know where she was now, so she was terrified and continued trudging her way out cautiously. Stretching out her trembling fingers, she helplessly tried to explore what was around her. She couldn't feel anything with her fingers, and what was worse, she could see nothing.

Suddenly, a deer rushed out of the fog and ran towards her as if it was crazy. Mandy instinctively turned around and abruptly fell into a strange embrace.

With her vision blurred, she couldn't see who the person was. She only heard him call out her name softly, "Mand."

His magnetic voice was like the sounds from heaven, which gave Mandy a strong sense of security in an instant. Mandy inched her body closer and hid in his arms, staying there motionlessly.

"Oh, my God! Bruce, is that you? Am I dreaming?" Mandy asked tentatively, feeling relieved.

The fog had not yet dispersed, and Mandy couldn't see who was behind her. But she believed that this voice, sounding like an angel, belonged to Bruce.

"It's me. Don't be afraid. I'm here!" Bruce gently patted her on the shoulder and tried to comfort her in a flat tone.

Nathan stared daggers at Mandy, who was lying on the bed. Although he looked calm as usual, there was already a surge swirling deep in his heart.


Who was he?' Nathan thought to himself.

Mandy furrowed her eyebrows tightly as she clenched her teeth. She was shivering in fear when she gripped the bedsheet with her both hands, leaving some marks on the blue sheets. Undoubtedly, she was having a nightmare.

"Bruce, take me out. It's so scary here," Mandy said in a pitiful and pleading tone. She suddenly grabbed the quilt, as if clutching at a life-saving straw.

"Really? It's so scary here, but where do you want to go?" Nathan's t

She trembled with cold fear when she heard Nathan's treat. Her heart pounded heavily in her chest.

Nathan would do what he said, and he always meant it. She mentally noted. If Nathan would send her to a psychiatric hospital, then Mandy would be ruined for the rest of her life.

Nathan didn't take his eyes off her after letting her go. Instead, he stared at her with his piercing eyes, figuring out the truth in her because he doubted her. Deep in his heart, he was even more willing to believe that Bruce was a man.

Noticing the red marks on Mandy's snow-white neck, Nathan felt guilty. A little remorse flashed in his eyes, but then, he immediately concealed his emotions.

Mandy was on her stomach against the bed. She was in pain and gasping for breath. She bit her lips tightly, but she would never betray Bruce.

Bruce had been her good friend ever since her childhood. And for a long time, Mandy treated him as her big brother. He was very kind and protected her like an elder brother. How could Mandy betray him?

Before Mandy could react, she heard the door slamming hard, making her tense again. She only saw Nathan quickly walking away.

'He was angry.'

Mandy was so worried and nervous in her heart. 'Did I do something wrong? It was just a nightmare, in which I dreamed that Bruce came to save me. Was it wrong?' There were a lot of thoughts running in her mind now. She felt uneasy.

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