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   Chapter 80 A Domineering Kiss

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The blood surged down Nathan's body as he gripped her waist. A few seconds more and he might not be able to refuse her anymore. He tried to push Mandy away, but the woman only hugged him tighter, unafraid of him.

"Let go of me," he ordered coldly.

Mandy furrowed her eyebrows, glancing up at Nathan. Her arms retreated. Didn't he like it?

"What's wrong?" Mandy asked carefully, tilting her head. "If... Humpf..."

What she wanted to say was soon drowned out as he pushed himself towards her. He was everywhere as his arms curved around her waist, kissing and sucking her lips as if she were golden nectar. Her lips were like marshmallows, sweet and tender, and he couldn't help but deepen it even more.

Suddenly, he found himself gripping the buttons of her bra. Knowing what he was about to do next, Mandy pushed him away.

"No... We're in a public restaurant. We can't behave like this." Mandy staggered back a few steps, her back leaning against the white wall. Her face was flushed, and her lips were swollen from his ministrations.

"Really?" He stepped closer, teasing, "I can do anything as long as I want to do it."

"What if... What if others see us?" Noticing the glazed look in his eyes, her heart started to beat faster. Her stomach was doing flips, subtly liking the attention he was giving her.

"So what? I'll have someone gouge their eyes out!" Nathan smirked. If there was something he wanted to do, nothing would stop him till he got it. As they say, money did make the world go round, and he had tons of it.

Mandy trembled at his implications. Suddenly, she was unable to calm herself as she found herself depending on the wall behind her. There was something frightening about Nathan's face, something that warned her that if he had said it, he must've already done it.

Seeing that she was completely frightened, Nathan suddenly laughed in an unruly manner.

"What are you laughing at?" Mandy demanded. 'Was he crazy?'

"Nothing. Sit down to eat." Nathan held Mandy's thin shoulder bef

went directly into the study with an scowl on his face.

With a glass of milk in her hand, Mandy walked back and forth in front of the study. She wanted to take a glass of milk to Nathan and ask him if he was alright. After all, he really did care for her back in the restaurant.

Lillian had come upstairs to bring some midnight snacks to Mandy when she saw Mandy standing in front of the study. She frowned anxiously.

"Miss Zhou, why are you here?" Nathan had told Lillian specifically that Mandy wasn't allowed to enter the study or the other locked rooms. She was free to enter the others.

As for what was in the room, Lillian didn't know either. She had never been a curious person. Maybe that was why she had stuck with him the longest.

"I wanted to bring him a glass of milk." Mandy motioned to the glass, biting her lip.

Lillian dragged Mandy back to her room in a hurry. After they entered another room, Lillian said in a low voice, "Miss Zhou, Mr. Jin has told us that you can't go to the study. Besides the study, there is another room that is forbidden to enter. The room in the middle of the third floor with a white door coated with gold. Miss Zhou, except for these two rooms, you can go anywhere you want."


"I don't know why, but Mr. Jin always said so. Miss Zhou, please don't ask," Lillian persuaded kindly.

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