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   Chapter 79 Thank You, Nathan!

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"How is it? It's very nice here, isn't it?" Mandy asked with a grin creeping onto her face when she saw how Nathan's knitted eyebrows finally relaxed.

"You're pushing your luck today," Nathan snickered and the sneer on his face remained as he stared at Mandy.

While pouring hotpot dishes into the pot, Mandy couldn't help licking her lips as the savory smell reminded her of her childhood.

"Do you like hotpot dishes, Nathan?" Radiance filled Mandy while staring at the steaming dishes in the hot pot.

"I don't like it," Nathan responded, not even glancing at her. The frigidness in his eyes was alarming.

"Really? Do you think so? Should we leave here and go to another place?" Mandy said with disappointment edging into her voice, and then she looked down.

"I don't like it, yet, I don't dislike it! "Nathan said. The way Mandy spoke evoked Nathan's kindness, and there was a minor change in his glittering eyes.

"Phew!" Hearing Nathan's comments, Mandy sighed with satisfaction. Then she placed the food into the hot pot with delight.

"Don't put too many dishes into it. You cannot finish all of them," Nathan said disdainfully. 'How could she ingest that much? She must have been a boar in her past incarnation!' Nathan reflected.

"Of course I can finish it. You can help me finish it," Mandy responded with a beaming smile. Her exquisite face was glorious in the light, but Nathan couldn't help grimacing when he noticed the one side of her face had not been washed off from makeup.

"Come here!" Nathan gave an immediate order as he twisted his finger at Mandy

Mandy stepped towards him and looked straight at him.

Nathan took out a bundle of soggy tissue and mopped off the make-up on Mandy's face. He was so gentle to avoid hurting her. He didn't wear a delightful smile until he saw her perfect face was cleared.

"I don't approve for anybody to touch your face!" Nathan said. His icy voice had a hint of caution.

"Yes." Mandy nodded her head as if he possessed her. In fact, it had irked her when Just

her family.'

When Nathan hung up the phone, Mandy also put down her chopsticks. She licked her lips and felt her chest throb. "You mentioned Jenny just now. Are you investigating about my sister?" Mandy asked.

"Yes," Nathan answered.

"Oh, my God! When did this happen?" Mandy exclaimed with wide eyes.

"Why do you ask so many questions? Don't worry. I'll handle it!" Nathan responded. He was a relentless man, yet he didn't wish to get Mandy linked into these dark matters.

"Can I visit my sister after work tomorrow?" Mandy's asked as her lovely eyes twinkled like there were stars all over them.

Without responding, Nathan acknowledged her and proceeded to eat the dish in the hot pot with great composure.

At that stage, Mandy rose and moved towards him, intending to give Nathan a huge hug.

"Thank you, Nathan!" Mandy wrapped her arms around him like a koala dangling on his neck. She was skinny but well built.

Nathan's lips twitched up and awe crowded his eyes. Just now, Mandy had even called him by his name. Nathan realized he had to give her a bit of acknowledgment so that she could have a slight conscience.

"It's my pleasure!" Nathan whispered. The shimmering light that reflected on her face made Mandy's smile more ecstatic. Staring at her beaming so, Nathan sensed that what he had done for her was worth the struggle.

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