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   Chapter 78 Self-inflicted Humiliation

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"Do you want me to drive?" Mandy asked as she quickened her pace, so she could keep up with Nathan.

"What do you think?" Nathan rhetorically and disdainfully asked.

"But I..." Mandy stammered hesitantly as she stood in front of Nathan.

"But what? Did you want to say that you have never driven such an expensive car; thus, you are afraid you might wreck it?" Just like a mind reader, Nathan said exactly what Mandy was thinking in her head but couldn't say out loud.

Hearing this uncanny prediction, Mandy just nodded her head obediently.

"Don't worry. If you get into a car accident, it will be I who is at fault," Nathan said as he cast a glance at Mandy. 'This girl is really not ambitious. She is afraid she will die because she is driving a luxurious car!' Nathan thought inwardly.

"Ha-ha, okay, as long as you remember, you will be the person at fault, not me, then I'll drive," Mandy blurted aloud. She was so excited that she jumped in the car and quickly buckled her seatbelt.

Nathan slowly got in the front passenger seat. It had been awhile since he had sat in the front passenger seat. Mandy was honored that she could be his driver.

"So, where are we going for dinner?" Mandy asked as she started the car. She wore an innocent smile, revealing a row of neat, white teeth.

"Wherever! I don't care," Nathan said. A touch of a smile appeared on his handsome face. His tone was contently lazy like a cat in the sunshine.

"Okay!" Mandy stepped on the gas and drove out of Crystal Street.

The night view of City A was very beautiful. Looking at the flashing neon lights outside the car window, Nathan felt empty in his heart. Somehow, whenever he got close to the feeling of happiness, it vanished from.

Before their premarital cohabitation, Mandy had instituted a series of rules for Nathan. Firstly, no third party was allowed to know about this. Secondly, their contract would last for one month. Finally, the contract would expire one month later. From then on, they would have nothing to do with each other.

Nathan counted the days. He realized there was only half a month left.

Realizing this, Nathan couldn't help but frown. He looked at Mandy's face. His intuition told him

s, a smile involuntarily emerged on Mandy's delicate face.

"Are we going to the private room or the free seating area?" Mandy asked with a smile as she pulled Nathan's muscular arm.

"I hate crowded areas," Nathan said plainly. Noticing there were a lot of people around, Nathan pulled Mandy's hand closer to him unconsciously. Outwardly, he appeared a little flirtatious when he kissed her long hair.

"Okay, I got it," Mandy answered. At the moment, Mandy felt a little nervous while being held in Nathan's arms. After all, this was a public place, not their home.

However, even in such a public place, his aristocratic origins could not be suppressed. That day Nathan wore a casual white T-shirt, and the white color with his porcelain skin made him so handsome. His delicate features, even if he was surrounded by a crowd of average people, made Mandy know she could recognize him with just one glance.

It was indeed wretched for him to come to such a crowded place.

The Sun Hotpot Restaurant was a large-scale restaurant, big enough for two thousand people to have a meal at the same time, and it had five hundred private rooms. Its premises were very busy every day since it had become one of the favorite places for young people.

A waiter, who was pushing a cart of hotpot dishes, led Mandy and Nathan into a private room. Inside the private room, an elegant, cool, and peaceful ambiance could be felt, which was much different from the hot weather outside.

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