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   Chapter 77 Sister-in-law

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"Yes... So what?" Mandy said in an unfriendly tone, but she thought in her mind, 'Oh, no. I have offended someone. I have offended both Nathan and Justin by agreeing for this blind date. I am an awful person who deserves to be killed!'

"Can you tell me why?" Hearing Mandy's impatient tone, a rarely seen hint of interest appeared on Justin's calm face.

Mandy pressed her lips tightly and glared at him. Obviously, she didn't want to continue with this date. She kept glancing at her watch. On realizing it had only been fifteen minutes, she let out a frustrated sigh. It seemed that Nathan had underestimated her. One hour was more than enough for her!

"Oh, sister-in-law, you are here too!" a voice was calling her from behind, interrupting their conversation. Mandy was already annoyed, and this call further annoyed her. When she turned around and looked at the strange man, she instantly thought of Nathan. 'Is it possible that he had arranged this?' she wondered.

"Oh, yeah, I am here. Are you here for the coffee?" Mandy responded with a smile.

Justin sat startled as he listened to their conversation. He couldn't believe that someone had referred to Mandy as sister-in-law. He began to wonder if she was already married.

"Yes, I just got off work. Who is he?" the stranger asked, pointing his finger towards Justin. His acting was so spectacular that it looked real.

Since Mandy was also good at performing on the spot, she smiled and said, "I'm on a blind date now."

"Cheers! Sister-in-law!" the stranger said to Mandy and then left with a cup of coffee in his hand.

Mandy tried hard to hold back her laughter. Then she turned around and looked at Justin. "A cup of mocha please!" a familiar voice said, reverberating in the quiet coffee shop.

On hearing this, Mandy suddenly turned around and saw the man. She couldn't believe her own eyes. 'It is Nathan!' she thought excitedly.

But Nathan didn't even glance at her. Instead, he just bought a

and he looked as if he was thinking about something. He stood still and began to drink in her beauty. Mandy was as beautiful as an angel. Every move, every smile, and even every one of her frowns struck him with awe.

"Are you questioning me?" All of a sudden, Nathan came closer to Mandy. He put down his phone and squinted at her with a dangerous look in his eyes.

Seeing Nathan make his way towards her, Mandy made vain attempts at escaping from his embrace.

"If you are a real man, delete my picture." Mandy ran to a safe place, which was one meter away from Nathan. She stared at him with her beautiful almond-shaped eyes. She seemed to have come up with a good idea.

With his arms crossed over his chest, Nathan looked at Mandy. As a matter of fact, he liked to observe Mandy's every move. He had learned her so well that he knew how to keep her from getting his phone.

"Catch it." Suddenly, Nathan took out the key to the car from his pocket and threw it to Mandy, drawing a beautiful arc in the air.

Mandy stepped forward to catch the key subconsciously.

"Why did you give me the key to your car?" There was a typical Lamborghini logo on the key, so she figured that Nathan was a nouveau riche.

"You drive." As soon as he finished speaking, Nathan turned around and walked towards his car.

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