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   Chapter 76 Mandy Goes On A Blind Date

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"Hello, Bruce!" Mandy answered gently as soon as she recognized Bruce's voice.

"Are you busy, Mandy?" Bruce had been checking the exam papers of his students the whole day. Fiona got a hundred percent in mathematics.

"No, I'm not busy. What's up?" Mandy answered as she looked at herself in the mirror, smiling. She burst into a silvery laughter when she saw the "freckles" all over her face.

It was the first time that Mandy had intentionally put on displeasing make-up. Upon seeing her make-up on the mirror, she was shocked to think that this make-up style really worked for women.

"I called to tell you that Nana improved a lot this semester. She's got a full mark in mathematics and also got good grades in her other courses," Bruce said.

"Really? That's amazing!" Mandy said with a big smile on her face.

"I know she is a hardworking and strong-willed student," Bruce proudly said.

"Did you just checked exam papers the whole day?" Mandy asked.

"Yes, that's right. I'm so tired, my head is killing me right now," Bruce complained.

"Mr. Xu, go back to your room and rest. I have something to deal with. Let's talk on WeChat when we're free," Mandy said over the phone as she checked the time. It was almost time for her scheduled blind date.

"Okay," Bruce said lightly. Then he waited for Mandy to hang up first because he didn't want Mandy to hear the sound of the phone's beep.

He knew that the beeping sound on the phone could make Mandy disappointed.

At Starbucks

There weren't many people at Starbucks during mealtimes. The moment Mandy entered, she saw a man in a white t-shirt quietly sitting next to the window. He looked like he was waiting for someone.

Mandy wasn't sure if the man in the white t-shirt was Mr. Lin. She thought she should have looked at his photo in advance. Mandy slowly walked up to the man and stood there in front of him.

"Are you Mr. Lin?" Mandy asked in a shy ma

en wear glasses at all.

"Of course, I am!" Mandy boasted.

"Tell me, Miss Zhou. Are you really nearsighted?" Justin asked out of curiosity.

"Yes, a little. I've seen too many men. I've seen so many men already that my eyesight started to worsen! To be honest, I have had eight boyfriends over the past few years," Mandy replied while holding up eight fingers and flaring an exaggerated facial expression at Justin.

At that moment, Justin finally realized that Mandy must have come on this blind date unwillingly. The reason she was behaving so rudely and awkwardly was that she wanted to sabotage the blind date so that he'd get turned off by her.

He knew that her bad make-up style was put on intentionally.

While Mandy was distracted with something else, Justin swiftly took her glasses off and wiped her face with a tissue.

Before she could react, the make-up on the left side of her face had already been wiped clean.

"What are you doing?!" Mandy shouted as she slapped away Justin's hand. She tried to hide the anger on her face. She stood up, attracting attention towards them.

"You like to play, don't you?" Justin jokingly said. He closed his lips and tapped his long fingers twice on the table. At that very moment, Justin's dark eyes showed no emotion at all.

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