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   Chapter 75 Nothing In Excess

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In terms of playing mind games, Mandy was still wet behind the ears. She was totally naive and inexperienced.

Her heart racing, Mandy slowly lowered her head. She was afraid to look at Nathan.

She felt so embarrassed that he had seen through her mind. She was on pins and needles as she mused, 'Was he a mind reader?'

After a long silence, she heard Nathan speak with a straight face. "Tell me the time and location."

"Starbucks, Crystal Street, Eaton Square. I originally planned to go there after work tomorrow night." In one breath, Mandy had calmly told him the truth, silently thanking herself that she had managed to calm her nerves down. Her voice didn't crack nor show a sign of nervousness.

"Whew! Starbucks! It's full of fun!" Nathan said aloud as he cast a sideways glance at Mandy. He noticed the guilty look on her face as he scrutinized her.

Mandy remained silent. She was a proud woman, and she never did like swallowing her pride before. But now, for the sake of her family, she stooped so low and became Nathan's mistress. 'For her, going through these 30 days would be as easy as ABC, ' she had initially thought. But now, she felt like she had miscalculated everything.

"Mandy, you should behave yourself! As my woman, you should know what you should do and shouldn't do, understand?" Nathan reprimanded. He outwardly looked calm, but she could discern a hint of warning in his cold cheek.

Being such a calm and composed man, Nathan was good at putting a person to death by his mere silence. Hearing the way Nathan spoke, Mandy trembled slightly. Though the room's temperature was not low, she felt a chill ran down her spine with what Nathan had said.

"I know," Mandy replied obediently as her soft red lips moved slightly. She wished she could take his words with a grain of salt, but she wouldn't dare.

She had gotten herself into quite a predicament. She had promised Madeline that she would go on with the blind date, but now she was having a change of heart. At the thought of Madeline's nagging, Mandy furrowed her brows deeply.

When Nathan's dark and ferocious eyes finally fell on her, he suddenly laughed wildly and presumptuously.

It would have been alright if Nathan hadn't roared in laughter. But hearing him laughing in that way, Mandy became even more restless. Her heart was pounding hard in her chest.

"Okay, I'll give you half an hour to go on that blind date, then you must go home immediately!" Nathan ordered before he snickered, pretending to be considerate towards her. At the drop of a hat,

front of my father. You seriously show no regard for my sensitivities!" Damian retorted. There was an unhappy expression on his face. He looked very masculine with the way he frowned.

"Doctor Zhou, you should not let him down easy. Please give him a nod this time," Luke urged. He thought that Mandy was a perfect pawn, so he was making a peg to hang his plan on.

As a saying goes, nothing in excess!

Mandy recalled that it was the second time that Damian had invited her to dinner. Though she was too embarrassed to refuse him again, she seemed to reconsider what Luke had said, causing her to waver.

"Okay, I will tell you the specific time to go there then," she replied after a while and didn't say anything more. Nathan had promised her that he would let her go home once a week. But the allowed time for her to go home was unusually precious to her. She didn't want to waste it. However, she couldn't turn down Luke and his son's warm welcome.

Mandy was very busy that day. At half-past four in the afternoon, she finished the last operation.

After her work, she was now preparing herself for the blind date. Mandy had no idea who the person was because she hadn't seen his picture yet. But to leave an unfavorable impression on him, she deliberately wore some hideous makeup.

She was used to wearing no make-up because she had never been fond of getting dolled up. But now she needed to put it on for this blind date.

There was a tinge of sadness within her. If it weren't for Nathan, she might not deliberately have to make herself ugly.

Her phone began ringing, snapping her back to her senses. Grabbing her phone, Mandy quickly answered it as she drew freckles on her face.

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