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   Chapter 74 Tell Him The Truth

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"This is the daughter of the Zhou Group. Their company may not be as good as our family's company, but their daughter is extremely beautiful. Moreover, a new yeast technology of their family has obtained an international patent. If you end up marrying her, it will benefit you immensely in the future," Alex said enthusiastically. Alex had already found out that the daughter of the Zhou Group had recently returned from abroad. He had made up his mind that she was a perfect match for his son.

"What do you mean, Dad?" Justin asked with confusion written all over his face.

"Don't you like her?" Alex questioned with his earlier enthusiasm fading. He had believed that this girl's picture had made a good impression on his son. But seeing his reluctance made him doubtful.

"I do agree that she is pretty. From the outside, she looks just like my type. Yet I can't say for certain if she is the love of my life. There are several things to consider before knowing that," he replied to his father, looking genuine. Justin was a responsible man. He would not easily fall in love with someone he hadn't had the chance to know.

"My son, I wasn't aware that you are a romantic eccentric. But I have to remember that sometimes killing two birds with one stone is a wise choice. This is one of those chances. You should make a good plan for your future." After saying this, Alex smiled and sighed as his peculiar eyes fell on his son.

"I know, Dad," Justin agreed while nodding his head.

"Starbucks, Crystal Street, Eaton Square. You have to invite her over there for dinner after work tomorrow evening. Don't forget, my son! I wish you good luck," Alex said.

Justin had no choice, so he nodded his head once again. At the moment, he peeped into his father's phone, hoping to get another glimpse of this girl. Seeing her, he slowly began to look forward to meeting her. There was something intoxicating about her.

As the sun set, the summer evening glow began to look particularly beautiful. The whole sky was dyed light orange. Mandy walked out of the hospital, feeling elated.

Mandy drove to Nathan's villa at ease. She was still longing for a wonderful future life.

Nr. 520, Haibin Road

When Mandy arrived, she caught sight of Nathan eagerly waiting for her.

When Nathan spotted her entry, he pulled her into

by little, she dared not say anything more.

"A blind date? Wonderful! Why not?" Nathan spoke with his tongue in his cheek. It took him a lot of effort to suppress his anger.

At this moment, if Mandy said that she wanted to go on a blind date, she was risking her life!

"Never! I won't go!" Mandy swore as she gritted her teeth. If she had to choose between betraying her mother or Nathan, she would choose the former. Truth be told, she was a little terrified of him. It was just too much for her!

"Why not? Maybe you'll end up marrying a rich man after abandoning me," Nathan said sarcastically. He raised his thin lips, and the smile on his face deepened.

The atmosphere around them became depressed. It was this dangerous smile on his face that made Mandy's heart beat faster and faster. She was crying silently in her heart. Now she regretted telling him about it.

"Please don't speak to me in this manner. I am not going!" Mandy promised with a desperate look.

"If you are unwilling to go on a blind date, then why are you talking about it? What is the point of talking about something you aren't going to do? No, Mandy, something tells me you are interested in this blind date! You are here only because you are afraid I will find out about it. Hence, you decided to inform me beforehand. I am sure you believe your confession will make me act leniently towards you. You are quite a smart girl, Mandy!" After giving this lengthy speech, Nathan glared at her with his ferocious eyes. At that moment, he had managed to read her mind.

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