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   Chapter 73 Go Against Him

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Nathan kept his eyes locked onto Mandy as he slipped into bed with her. Carefully, he placed his arms around her soft body.

As he looked at her, he couldn't help but remember the past.

It was the same case for Mandy. As Nathan thought about it, he had made a guess that the reason why Mandy had abandoned music to be a doctor was probably because of the car accident.

Their fates were entangled together by the car accident. As for whether the car accident had been caused by someone or was an inevitable disaster, it was still a mystery.

At JS International

"President Jin, I would like to report to you about the latest news on the land that you were interested in last time. The Lin Group pressed forward closely after we disclosed the information of our intention. It is said that they have settled the price in these two days," Fred reported as he stood in the office with the statement in his hand. There was no expression on his face as he announced the news flatly.

The look in Nathan's eyes turned cold and cruel as he raised his head.

'Well, it would be interesting to go against them...' Nathan thought.

"Go to the municipal government right now," Nathan ordered as he put down the files and flung his gold plated pen across the table.

In the office of deputy mayor at the city hall...

The deputy mayor was dealing with some documents when Nathan arrived. Seeing Nathan, the deputy mayor stood up hurriedly to greet him.

"President Jin! To what do I owe the rare visit?" The indifferent expression on the deputy mayor's face disappeared as soon as he saw Nathan enter. He knew that the man in front of him was not coming with a good will. Yet he did his best to greet him warmly.

"How have you been, Deputy Mayor Tang?" replied Nathan, sitting down on the plush sofa. He lifted his legs and placed them up the coffee table. Th deputy mayor tried to figure out what was going on in Nathan's mind.

"Everything is fine," the deputy mayor said with a flattering smile.

"Everything is fine with you. But it isn't with me," retorted Nathan as he coldly glanced at him.

If he wasn't contented, no one else was allowed to relax and settle.

The deputy mayor definitely knew the reason why Nathan was unhappy. All because of that piece of land. He had set a reserve price of 800 million dollars for the auction, which would be held on 10th of next month. At that time, whoever won the bid would get the piece of land.

"I don't know why

as nervously fiddling with his worry beads in his hand. They were exquisitely rare artifacts made out of a hundred-year-old red sandalwood.

Justin frowned and said coldly, "Dad, even if this land is worth eight hundred million, do you think a person like Joshua would give the real price to us? Don't you think he would tell it to the JS International?"

"JS International will not offer that high a price right now. I have no doubts that we will win," replied Alex, a sly look on his face.

Hearing this, Justin's lips twisted into a frown. He felt that there was something wrong about the whole thing.

With a faint smile, Alex found a photo from his mobile phone album. In the photo, the girl looked sweet and lovely. Her watery almond eyes looked straight at the lens and were as clear as crystal. It was as if she could look through people's souls. Although her pink lips were pursed lightly, a special desire was aroused. Her complexion, although fair and white, had an attractive flush.

Such a beautiful woman, even without makeup.

"Have a look. Do you like her?" Alex changed the topic and handed his mobile phone to Justin.

When Justin saw the woman in Alex's phone, he changed his mind immediately about the blind date with Mandy Zhou. At first, he had disliked the fact that his parents were arranging a blind date for him a few minutes ago.

'What a beauty of nature!'

Justin couldn't help sigh and gave a satisfied smile.

"Dad, come on. What are you trying to do?" Alex diverted his gaze from the photo and pretended to be calm. But in truth, he felt satisfied that this arrangement went well beyond his expectations.

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