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   Chapter 72 Don't Seduce Me

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Nathan was walking very fast, while Mandy, in her high heels, ran after him. She chased him all the way to the underground garage, only to find that she had lost track of him.

After all of the running, Mandy felt tired. She felt so stupid that she had lost track of him despite her never having lost her sight of him, even for a split second. Her eyebrows furrowed tightly in disappointment.

Suddenly, Mandy felt a fierce strength coming from behind. It was Nathan, and he was pulling her into his arms.

The kiss was full of passion and so fervent that he couldn't wait any longer for another one. With a strong sense of possessiveness, Nathan kissed Mandy and continued to do so again and again.

Mandy did not do anything. She was already used to being kissed by Nathan, and she was already starting to like him.

The anger on Nathan's face had faded after kissing Mandy again after releasing her some time ago.

Confused, Mandy bit her lips. She didn't know how to explain the whole thing to Nathan. It was all her fault again!

"Nathan," Mandy gently called.

As if there was some surprise in front of him, Nathan's eyes turned bright. While trying to hide his excitement, he still managed to maintain a cold face, "What is wrong?"

Mandy apologized to Nathan, "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry that I broke my promise. When I was about to get off work, and my sister was brought to the hospital. She had passed out, and my phone was in the office. I'm sorry, I didn't contact you as soon as possible. I'm really sorry." She lowered her head while making her sincere apology.

Seeing her apologize this way, Nathan's heart inexplicably felt a pang of pain. For a while, he felt no need to blame her.

"How is your sister now?" Nathan casually asked.

"She is not doing well. But she has gone back to school now." Mandy bit her lips, showing a sad expression on her beautiful face.

Nathan didn't like to see

fterward. But after spending some time together, he eventually got along with her and found her very cute. She was different from any other woman, and she never asked for anything. Perhaps, her biggest request was to get rid of him...

With this in his mind, a spiteful expression appeared on his handsome face. He would never let Mandy leave him!

Even more, he wanted Mandy to willingly stay with him.

Letting Mandy stay with him was easy, but making her willing to stay was a little more complicated.

Nathan took off Mandy's clothes and helped her take a shower. He let Mandy have a sound and peaceful sleep.

On the bed, Nathan got his phone and called Fred.

"Fred, help me look into the case of Fiona in the No. 1 High School of City A. Arrest the manipulator behind it within two days," Nathan said coldly, looking down at the woman who was sleeping soundly in his arms. His face cast a faint smile.

"Yes, sir," Fred respectfully answered.

The night was getting dark. In order to make Mandy sleep better, Nathan turned off the light.

The moonlight radiated a tranquil atmosphere. A lot was going on in Nathan's thoughts while looking at Mandy's face. Then, he stared at Mandy's rosy lips.

He swore to himself, 'I won't let you suffer anymore, Mandy.'

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