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   Chapter 70 Stop Doing What

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Mandy unknowingly stared at him in silence for such a long time, but it felt like she could not see enough of his face. Could there be some special magic on his face?

Nathan's appearance was so perfect that it fell under Mandy's definition of her ideal type. When she was a young girl, and like any other girl, she too was obsessed with handsome boys. If they were cool as well, then it would be a plus point. But now, being handsome might not give her a sense of security.

At her age, her standards for choosing her spouse were now far different.

"Am I handsome?" Mandy was still in a daze when she suddenly heard Nathan's magnetic and deep voice. His drawl sounded lazy and sleepy. It was exceedingly pleasant to hear.

But she was panic-stricken, so she decided to lay back on the bed immediately. She carefully pulled the quilt on top of her and pretended to be dead asleep.

When Nathan turned to face her, he was smirking. Then he rolled over under the quilt, and in no time, he positioned himself on top of Mandy.

Frightened, Mandy didn't dare to open her eyes and kept up with her pretense instead. She waited patiently to know what Nathan would want to do.

Nathan stared at her intently. He was amused, and he tried hard not to laugh because he knew she was only feigning sleep. Bending his head lower, his warm lips soon covered her soft lips. He gave her wet kisses as he could no longer control his desire. His act made Mandy's heart beat faster involuntarily. And Nathan seemed enchanted when two red clouds appeared on her lovely cheeks.

He was such a good kisser. And with gentle persuasion, he always got to arouse Mandy's sensual nerve. He bit her lips again, tasting her beauty bit by bit.

It was not their first kiss, but her reaction was priceless and so precious like a young girl, who had just had her first kiss with her lover. And every time she got to kiss him, she felt shy all over again.

Nathan liked the way she reacted, the way her body responded. And the more he kissed her, the more he became passionate. His hand was now tugging the hem of her pajamas.

Mandy suddenly became nervous when she felt his hand on her. The warmth of his hand jolted her to wakefulness from her fake sleep. Thinking of all the possibilities, she instinctively grabbed his hand and tried to stop him.

Knowing how Nathan excelled in sexual performance, he would never stop until and unless Man


"Mr. Xu, I really can't eat anything." She bit her dry lips and looked a little lonely.

Bruce hesitated as he mulled over his options, 'Should I call her sister, Mandy? Otherwise, she won't be able to go back to school in this situation.'

In this advanced digital age, everything was taken by storm with the fast development of the Internet, because those photos he deleted from the school forum were still stored on the mobile phones of a lot of students. So Bruce couldn't check their mobile phones one by one.

"Mr. Xu, I am a little confused about this problem. Can you help me check it?" Fiona felt weak when she tried to show him the math book in her hands.

The picture had been a big blow to her. As a result of excessive depression and low blood glucose, Fiona fainted.

Fortunately, Bruce was quick enough to catch her. He immediately scooped her in his arms and rushed her to JR Hospital.

On the way to the hospital, Bruce gave Mandy a call, who was at that time ready to go home from work. As soon as she heard that her sister had fainted, she felt so disturbed that she didn't even take her white uniform off. She immediately dashed to the outpatient hall and anxiously waited for Fiona.

"Doctor Wang, how is my sister?" Mandy asked worriedly.

Fiona was lying in the outpatient room. Her face was as pale as a sheet of paper. Doctor Wang had just examined her.

"Don't worry, Doctor Zhou. Your sister is fine. She merely has mild malnutrition. And what's more, she was too emotional today, so she suddenly passed out. I am giving her an intravenous drip. She will wake up soon."

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