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   Chapter 69 Other Woman

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"Can you see it? That was the scar from the surgery I had," Mandy gave a light laugh, but there was a heaviness in her heart.

Seeing her sadness, Nathan didn't want to do anything else except to hug her and hold her close.

"Mand, I will never let you get hurt again," he murmured, looking deeply into Mandy's eyes. There was a solemn look on his face, which was so different from before.

Sighing, Mandy was deeply moved by Nathan's words. For that particular moment, she believed in his promise.

Nathan acted like a real gentleman. With utter gentleness, he helped Mandy get out of the bath after she had washed up. Although they didn't talk much, they seemed to have some connection between them in an instant, and there was a tacit understanding that wasn't there before.

After the bath, Nathan gently patted Mandy's body dry and helped her put on the bathrobe. Mandy was so shy that she didn't even dare to raise her head.

Carefully, Nathan escorted Mandy to sit in front of the dresser. Bending down, he took out a hairdryer from the drawer of the dressing table. The warm light coming from the hairdryer shone on his hand. Nathan's hair was still quite wet, but he didn't care about himself at the moment. What was important for him right now was to get Mandy dried off so that she wouldn't get sick.

Mandy had sleek, black locks. Looking at the mirror, she saw how Nathan gently stoked her hair. It was as if he looked like a gentle and loving husband.

Suddenly, this particular scene reminded Mandy of a memory she had. During the first night she came here, she remembered that Nathan was doing the same exact thing for another woman.

Details of that memory came, flooding to her senses and clouded her thoughts. She even distinctly pictured how Nathan and that woman had shared a kiss in that room.

The more she thought about this, the more Mandy felt short of breath.

"I can dry my hair on my own," Mandy said. Although she had said this in a quiet tone, Nathan could tell from her knitted eyebrows that she was unhappy.

"No. Don't move," he squinted his dark eyes

r heart as the wind blew on her.

Mandy felt so sad that she couldn't close her eyes that night. It was as if she would be pushed into the dark abyss as soon as she closed her eyes.

Deep in the night, she could hear Nathan's steady, rhythmic breathing. For the first time in a long a time, Mandy felt that Nathan was actually there.

He was the last person she saw every night before she went to bed. And the first person she saw every morning when she woke up. But their relationship was not right. He just took what he wanted from her and treated her like trash.

The sunlight came in through the gap of the thick curtain. When Mandy woke up, she looked subconsciously at the other side of the bed. Surprisingly, Nathan was still there.

The sight of him made Mandy a bit happy.

Mandy took out her cellphone to look at the time. It was still quite early in the morning. Setting aside her phone, she laid her head on the pillow to get some more sleep. But when she closed her eyes, her body and mind felt as if they were already wide awake.

With a quiet sigh, Mandy turned on her side and stared blankly at the man beside her. His skin was very smooth and clear, and there was not a single mark on his face. His jaw was taut and angular, and sharp eyes were framed with dark, thick brows. Sleeping like this, he looked so peaceful, although he had said something that made Mandy uneasy.

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