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   Chapter 68 Let's Take A Bath Together

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Seeing that she didn't want to tell him, Nathan didn't force her to. Anyway, he knew everything already, just not from her.

"How about we go downstairs for dinner first?" Nathan paused. He tried to ask Mandy's opinion. He knew she hadn't eaten for a day, so she must be very hungry now.

"Okay." Mandy raised her head, neither humbly nor forcefully.

In the living room, Lillian had already prepared a table of delicious food. Seeing that Nathan and Mandy came downstairs, Lillian seemed a little reserved and stood quietly aside.

"President Jin, Miss Zhou, dinner is ready," Lillian explained with a smile of satisfaction.

"Lillian, you can go back to your room and rest until we need you again," Nathan plainly replied. He wanted to make sure Mandy did not feel restrained, so he asked Lillian to leave.

Lillian was also glad to hear she could leave. She didn't want to get involved in any matter between these two. She was afraid she wouldn't know what to do if they quarreled again.

"Yes, Master." Lillian straightened her back and left.

The large dining room was left with just Nathan and Mandy. The villa was quiet before, but now the atmosphere became extra still and awkward.

Mandy continued to eat in silence. She thought the food cooked by Lillian was delicious. It tasted like home-cooked comfort food. Lillian didn't know how to cook any Western food, so she just cooked some simple, easy food to get by.

"Hem, Lillian's food is good. I'm pleasantly surprised." She put a piece of Braised Pork with Brown Sauce into her mouth as she giggled.

"Can't you eat properly, Mandy?" Nathan asked. Nathan looked at Mandy's eating style in disgust. He always ate very refinedly and dignified, just in case anyone was watching. He had to act his class.

"Don't worry so much. I won't eat this way when I or we go out for dinner." Mandy waved her hand, freely and easily. She was starving, so she devoured the food in such a terrible manner, which was quite rare for her.

"You have such a clear estimation of yourself. Are you afraid of embarrassing me?" Nathan asked, laughing.

"You won't take me out to meet your friends, so why should I feel ashamed?" Mandy replied in a lisp. Then she put another shrimp into her mo

assed, Mandy immediately covered her chest with her hands. Seeing this futile action, Nathan wore an evil grin. He moved his right hand between Mandy's thighs.

"You..." Mandy was so nervous that her face flushed red as a cherry.

"What is the matter, Honey? Why are you shy in front of me now? I've already touched every inch of your skin anyway." Nathan grabbed Mandy's hand and placed it on top of his billionaire's gift.

As if being hit by lightning, Mandy's mind went blank. She could feel the heat and hardness in her palm. She felt so ashamed, enough even to die!

"Let go of me, you shameless man!" Mandy didn't dare for her hand to linger anymore on that private spot of Nathan's. She resisted and pulled her hand back with all her strength.

Nathan snickered and just looked at Mandy eagerly. The water in the bathtub was almost full and already reached Mandy's chest.

Suddenly, he saw a terrible scar on Mandy's body. He blinked to see if he just wasn't seeing things. It was totally incompatible with Mandy's fair skin. She was so perfect, so why was there a scar on her body?

Mandy realized soon that Nathan was looking at the scar on her body. It was ugly and long. She didn't want him to see it, so she hurriedly covered her upper body with her arms. There was a trace of fear in her simple eyes, which softened Nathan's horny heart even more.

"How did you get that?" Nathan asked, letting go of Mandy's hand. He was worried. What could have possibly happened to her?

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