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   Chapter 67 I Don't Want To Be Just The Lover Of A Rich Man

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"I've called your supervisor and informed him. He wants you to rest well. He also feels that you shouldn't go back to work until you've fully recovered," Nathan said gently. An involuntary smile crept across his lips that he was oblivious to.

"Supervisor? Which supervisor?" Mandy's big eyes blinked in confusion.

"Tyler." Nathan shrugged casually.

Mandy's cheeks grew hot in embarrassment. She was staring at Nathan, trying to digest his words. Mandy felt that Nathan had no intention of cleaning up her mess.

"What did you tell him?" Mandy asked nervously.

"It's a secret." Nathan was grinning at her.

Mandy's face grew smaller. She wondered if Nathan had told the hospital director about their relationship. If Nathan had made their relationship clear to them, then she would be humiliated at the hospital.

"What's wrong with you? You seem unhappy," Nathan joked as his face broke into a lopsided grin.

"Do you think I can be happy now?" Mandy asked. She looked sad. She lay on her back on the bed and was staring up at the ceiling. Her eyes had lost their twinkle.

"Why are you upset? Do you want our relationship to be a secret?" Nathan knitted his brows in confusion and mocked at her.

"No, I'm not upset. It's just that I don't want others to think that I'm dependent on you for everything," Mandy said, shaking her head vigorously.

Mandy was appointed to the hospital for two reasons. One being her privacy, and the other was because she was assigned to the hospital as soon as she was back after finishing her studies abroad.

If anyone found out about her relationship with Nathan, they would think that she had landed in the job at JR hospital only because of him. She didn't want that. Mandy was young, and many doctors disliked her. She didn't want her relationship to disrupt her peace at the hospital.

"You're my girl. I don't want you to work so hard. Why don't you quit the job and rest? I can see that it's taking a toll on you." Nathan gently touched Mandy's soft face with his warm hands. As the warmth spread all over her cheeks, Mandy realized that the temperature of their rela

the piano every day. She had done nothing other than play the piano. Daniel couldn't see her torment herself and took her for a walk at the playground.

Inspired by her carefree high school life and her favorite novel "Gone with the Wind," Mandy had composed the entire tune.

Mandy was a sophomore in high school when she had won the competition. Now that five years had passed, it was time for the next Midsummer Night's Dream piano competition to take place. The very thought of it made Mandy laughed at herself. However, the competition had nothing to do with her anymore.

Time was the best healer of all sorrows. Mandy vaguely remembered being welcomed by her fans and reporters at the airport, on her way back home. Although Mandy had never been on any TV shows before, she had become an overnight sensation. Mandy wasn't prepared for it. She had wanted to study and live her life in peace.

Now, no one remembered that she was the one who had won the golden prize of the Midsummer Night's Dream, except her parents.

And at that moment Mandy was taken aback by Nathan's words. She looked sad and dejected, as if her heart was blocked by a thick fog. How much did he know about her past?

Mandy wasn't ready to expose her vulnerability in front of Nathan. She would always hide her scars and keep it safe from everyone.

"Oh, it was just my luck," Mandy answered with a fake smile, hiding her sorrow.

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