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   Chapter 66 He Is Taking Care Of Her

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"President Jin, with all due respect, please be gentle with the lady," John said kindly with a smile.

Nathan glanced at John as he said coldly, "Don't tell me what to do. Better shut up if I am not asking for your opinion."

"Women must be loved and should not be mistreated." As Nathan's private doctor, John was ten years older than him. Four years ago, Nathan had nearly died when he was racing cars on the top of the mountain. John had saved him from the life-threatening incident.

"Mind your own business. Will you?" Nathan shot him a warning look laced with irritation. Nathan saw that Mandy frowned painfully in her sleep. He felt pity for her.

"How ungrateful you are! I saved you, and now I saved your wife. How could you talk to me like that?" John replied with mixed emotions. There was a hint of sadness in his tone. Whether John was feigning it or not, no one could tell.

"Who said she was my wife?" Nathan asked without delight. He glimpsed at Mandy, who was lying on the bed. In his eyes, she was no one special–more like his property or perhaps a toy.

Deep inside, Nathan kept reminding himself that he shouldn't fall in love with Mandy. But every time he looked at her or heard her voice, she would get his attention. As if Mandy had some sort of enchanting aura that effortlessly attracted his senses.

"Really?" John gave him a skeptical look. "Isn't she?" John looked at Mandy for a while and swept his eyes around, wondering if there were any other women somewhere. "I haven't seen any other woman sleeping here in all these years." As an observant person, John could tell that Mandy was living with Nathan when he saw her in her pajamas.

Nathan curtailed his comments by asking, "Are you done?" "You may leave now," he added without waiting for John's answer. His anger had been roused, and his face turned red at the thought that his secret was revealed.

Of course, John was a smart guy. He quickly packed up his medical kit, and before he left, he patted Nathan on the shoulder and reminded him, "Take good care of her. Remove the saline drip bottle as soon as it is finished, or she will die."

Mandy had a nightmare during her sleep. She dreamed th

rcing look.

"What!" Mandy exclaimed. "It is five o'clock in the afternoon?!" Her eyes widened like saucers in disbelief.

She gasped for air in despair for being absent from work. Harry wouldn't miss this opportunity to ridicule her. She felt miserable and frustrated.

"You... Why didn't you wake me up?" she asked furiously while wiping her tears. Her tears, like pearls from a broken thread, cascaded over her flawless cheeks.

Nathan didn't feel sorry for her as he watched her cry. In fact, he was glad as he found it so cute to see her crying like a child.

"I did, but you didn't wake up as you were sleeping like a log. What else could I do?" Nathan said as he tried to reason with her. He moved closer to her and tried to comfort her.

"Then what should I do now? My salary will be deducted for my absence today. Also, I will no longer qualify for the full attendance award at the end of the month." Mandy's mind was pre-occupied with negative thoughts. She could imagine that lovely dollar sign with wings as it flew away and waved goodbye to her.

"How much do you make with your salary?" Nathan asked blankly as if he could read her mind. "And who said you didn't go to work for no reason?" he added. He narrowed his dark eyes with an unreadable expression settling on his calm face.

"Because I was absent without asking for a day's leave beforehand!" Mandy said angrily. She felt that everything had been planned by Nathan on purpose.

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