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   Chapter 65 Threats

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"What is the point of covering up? Do you think others don't know how dissolute you are in bed?" Nathan sneered as he spoke sarcastically.

Every word that rolled off his tongue was like an icy dagger. Hearing Nathan's remark was enough for Mandy to feel like she was going through hell.

"Just kill me. Kill me already, Nathan," Mandy said through her grit teeth. Her eyes were shut tight as she felt entirely helpless.

"You think I wouldn't, my dear Mandy?" scoffed Nathan. His eyes were squinted with hostility, and his jaw was taut and tense. Nobody had ever dared to threaten him in his whole life–not until Mandy did.

Mandy was terrified at this point, and her heart was beating loudly in her chest.

"Believe it or not, I can kill you now, dismember your body and throw it into the sea to feed the sharks," Nathan threatened coldly. There was no way Mandy could overpower him.

"You bastard," Mandy spat, her voice shaking in horror. There was a gut-wrenching fear at the pit of her stomach.

"Stop talking since you have nothing to bargain with me. You should know by now that you're better off not irritating me." By now, his face was barely an inch away from hers. Mandy could feel his breath blowing lightly on her face, and his eyes grew darker and darker. And then, without a moment's notice, he pressed his lips against Mandy's and kissed her in a ravished craze.

In one swift movement, he grabbed Mandy's hands and pinned them above her head. Squirming, she tried to get him off, but he was much too strong for her. Afterward, Nathan forcibly slipped his tongue into Mandy's mouth.

There was no way Mandy would be able to fend off Nathan. It was quite obvious between the two who were the more physically capable. Although Nathan had never served in the army before, he was as agile as a soldier in the special forces. It was a piece of cake for him to deal with Mandy.

As the kiss between them got deeper and deeper, Mandy felt her whole mouth turning numb. When she was about to bite him, Nathan quickly pulled away. "If you bite me, you are really done for," he warned.

Mandy was shocked, her eyes wide with surprise. How could Nathan figure out what she intended to do before she actually did it? It was like he was reading her mind.

thermometer out from the box. When he took Mandy's temperature, the thermometer indicated that her temperature was 38.9 degrees Celsius.

If a fever this high were to continue, Mandy would certainly become delirious.

"Lillian, get me a wet towel," Nathan demanded. Then he took out the antipyretic pills from the medicine box and helped Mandy take them.

"I'm so scared. Please come and save me. Daddy, Mommy, where are you?" Seeing Mandy in an unstable state, Nathan was confused. He had no idea what kind of dream Mandy was having. A tinge of pity could be noticed in his eyes. He wanted to wake Mandy.

"Oh, my God... Nathan, please don't come near me. I beg you!" Mandy called Nathan's name in her hoarse voice. Her dry lips moved as she mumbled.

Her words were clearly heard by Nathan. He set the glass of water aside, feeling very upset.

In her dream, was this Nathan a fierce man? Was she afraid of him?

Thinking that he had scared Mandy last night, Nathan frowned and deeply regretted his actions.

Nathan called John, his private doctor. Five minutes after the phone call, John had already arrived at No. 520, Haibin Road.

When John arrived, Nathan had already helped Mandy get dressed.

"Don't worry. She will wake up after she receives an IV drip from this bottle of saline water," John reverently said.

"Alright." Nathan was constantly quiet, feeling a little sad. Perhaps, he shouldn't have been so fierce towards Mandy. No matter what she did, she was just a vulnerable woman.

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