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   Chapter 64 Don't Make A Pitiful Face In Front Of Me

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Updated: 2020-01-21 01:37

No. 520, Haibin Road

Mandy was settled on the sofa watching TV. Since Nathan had left the place, she felt more relaxed as she chuckled and grinned from time to time with the television host, who was working hard to make his viewers laugh.

As the car pulled to a halt, Nathan got out of the Lamborghini, and he walked fast like the wind.

As he reached his destination, Nathan pushed the door open and went inside.

Lillian, who was taken aback by the immediate arrival of Nathan, just came out of the kitchen area with a glass of milk in her hand.

"Mr... Mr. Jin, you are back," Lillian addressed him in a quivering tone.

Ignoring Lillian, Nathan stormed past her with a fuming face.

'There is something wrong here. Determining from his face, Miss Zhou will probably go through punishment tonight, ' Lillian assumed to herself as she held her chest.

Sure enough, Mandy did a double-take when she saw Nathan with an immediate appearance in front of her. At that moment, she was watching TV on the sofa.

"Mr... Na–, you are back!" Mandy was no fool. When she saw the dangerous expression on Nathan's face, she would have preferred to call him as Mr. Jin, but when she recalled that Nathan had told her to address him as Nathan, she rushed to amend. However, peering at his malcontent features, she couldn't call out his complete name.

"What? How dare you call me by my name?" Nathan despised as he stood tall and strong before Mandy, blocking her view.

At the time, Mandy heard a very amused chuckle coming from the special guest on the TV, but she didn't know whether to laugh or cry.

She thought about what could possibly have driven Nathan to such a rage, that he suddenly became so disinterested.

Mandy felt Nathan was shrouded in obscurity. She managed to not provoke him further by looking at him, nor did she talk back to him.

"I..." Looking at him with her adorable eyes, Mandy attempted to open her mouth, only to feel as if something was clogging in her throat.

"Follow me upstairs!" Nathan ordered as he turned on his heels and glared at Mandy over his shoulder.

Mandy quivered as if she was being forced into an ice vault. Accompanying him, she caught s


"Now if you have already known it, why do you still ask me?" Mandy asked with her face flushing as she sensed Nathan stepping closer to her.

"If you like it, I would like to send you to the detention house to have a reunion with him," Nathan suggested. There was no trace of affection in Nathan's voice, but a murderous warning!

Mandy was almost stifled. Suddenly, she reached out her hands and tried to shove Nathan away, but to no avail.

Nathan's movement was very fast. In just a flicker of an eye, he grasped Mandy and flung her on the bed.

He threw Mandy down while he dumped his clothes, casually and quickly.

Mandy felt pain bloom in her as tears started streaming down her cheeks, and he had also scratched her arm.

With immediate action, Nathan climbed on top of her, rendering her immobile.

In just a snap, Mandy's coat was ripped into pieces.

Nathan didn't cease his assault. Moments passed by, and Mandy's fleshy bra was exposed in the air, and then he dropped her lingerie on the floor.

"Ah!" Mandy squeaked, letting her feeble and hollow voice be heard in all the rooms of the villa.

"It's useless to cry. No one will come to save you!" Nathan growled as he stared Mandy down with his icy eyes.

A trace of tears glistened through Mandy's lovely eyes. She struggled hard to cover her bare chest, and a portion of shame lurked at the bottom of her heart. She had never been embarrassed like this since she grew up!

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