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   Chapter 63 A Heart-to-Heart Talk.

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Nacy narrowed her eyes and sneered. 'Here comes a foxtail!' she disdainfully thought.

"Eve," Nathan greeted her. Grinning, his features mellowed at the sight of her.

Nacy instinctively held Nathan's arm with her eyes full of hostility. She never liked Eve since their childhood. She had unfavorable impressions of her. Having had confidence in her sixth sense, she always felt that Eve was hollow and deceptive.

"You are also here, Nacy," Eve acknowledged softly. Despite her knowing Nacy hated her, she was helpless and could do nothing about it. After all, Nacy was Nathan's favorite cousin. And she couldn't afford to go against her right now. 'Perhaps, our relationship would be better soon after I married Nathan, ' she thought.

"Yes," Nacy responded coldly with her usual chilly and distant courtesy.

"Nacy, I have heard that your new movie will be coming out next month. I wish you a big box office hit! Congratulations in advance!" Eve babbled aloud as she smiled generously. She did not change her attitude even though Nacy was treating her coldly and distant. But instead, she made her more dignified and graceful with her words.

"Thank you," Nacy replied curtly, looking rather impatient.

Nathan was never fond of this kind of scene. He quickly turned to Simon and grunted, "I have something to tell you, buddy."

Simon appeared to realize something and readily agreed, "Okay, let's go over there. I haven't talked to you for a long time."

They eased their way towards the brightly lit yard.

The mansion of Ye Family was luxurious in every essence. Johnson, Simon's father, had a deep affinity with mountains and rivers. So the unique style of their mansion manifested his love of nature. It was patterned resembling mountains and rivers. And it even had an artificial waterfall in the courtyard that looked realistic. Indeed the mansion had the vibe of a natural resort.

"Why did you invite them at the same time?" Nathan skeptically raised as he put down the champagne and sank himself into the firm cushion of the lounge chair, resting his arms crossly behind his neck.

The starry sky in the summer night never failed in mesmerizing him. Gazing up into the heavens, the stars in the sky glittered like jewels against the midnight backdrop. Soon Nathan became too engrossed with it, that unknowingly his thoughts went far.

"The more, the merrier," Simon explained, chuckling.

"Next time, don't invite them to your home at the same time. I can't bear it." What annoyed Nathan the most was when Nacy and Eve were together, and they did

have morals and ethics. And besides, I also need to cooperate with them," Simon further elaborated. He initially thought that no one could doubt his moral standards.

"Really? I don't think so!" Nathan countered as he laughed meaningfully. The troubles of the Zhou Family had been resolved by him earlier. And further, he had ordered Fred to ensure a news blackout, so even Simon wouldn't know about it.

"I heard as well that when Daniel's ex-girlfriend went to the police station to see him the other day, she cried hysterically. Nathan, don't you think the people in the world are so strange? They love each other so much, yet they hurt each other too. What two weird people they are..." Simon spoke, but his voice soon trailed off as he sighed deeply from the bottom of his heart.

Nathan squinted his eyes as he listened intently to every word until he could no longer bear to hear another word. His face grew darker when Simon mentioned Mandy, who cried sadly for another man. His heart was now in a mess. The corner of his mouth curled up into a sneer as his eyes held a strange and malicious glimmer.

'Well, Mandy, when I am away, you surely were hanging out with another man behind my back!' Nathan thought inwardly.

A malicious look crept up on Nathan's face, immediately replacing its gloominess. Then he stood up abruptly.

"Where are you going, Nathan? We haven't eaten the barbecue yet," Simon failed to notice anything wrong on Nathan's face. He thought Nathan was only feeling sad for his ex-girlfriend.

"You eat more barbecue. I have something to do," Nathan replied as he urgently left the backyard.

Simon was baffled by Nathan's reaction. 'What have I said wrong now?' Simon sighed.

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