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   Chapter 61 He Wanted Both Wealth and Beauty In His Hands (Part One)

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"Cas, don't bother thinking about it too much. That's just how Harry is. He always acts and looks that way no matter who he meets. On second thought, he doesn't act that when he meets the director of the hospital. But other than that, he's really just like that to everyone. Have you ever seen Harry being nice to us?" Mandy comforted Cassie. Mandy didn't care about Harry's manner at all. She said that in a domineering tone. She liked it when Harry didn't like her but couldn't do anything with her. He always treated others with this attitude, so she couldn't really help but treat him the same way. After all, she owed him nothing, so there was no need for her to appease him.

"Okay. I guess you have a point, Mand. It's so good to have you here," Cassie smiled and thanked her. Mandy was always so nice and so considerate, using her own special way to comfort others. No wonder both her colleagues and patients in the hospital liked Mandy very much.

Meanwhile, Nathan arrived at JS International that afternoon.

He returned from abroad without anyone knowing about his arrival. All the staff at JS International were shocked. They did not expect that Nathan would arrive so soon.

Thinking that he was supposedly coming back a few days from now, they had thought they would be able to relax. But now, since their boss had come back ahead of schedule, they had to be on tenterhooks again. They couldn't help but cry in their hearts, 'Our wonderful holiday is gone. Now that the boss is back, every second is on edge!'

When working for Nathan, no one was allowed to make any mistakes. They were under great pressure to work for him, so that was the reason why they cherished their valuable holiday so much. Besides, Nathan was a tough and shrewd businessman. His rivals

s and said, "I did my work as efficiently as I could, okay? Nothing more."

"Hmm... Everyone already knows that our boss is an efficient man. But I guessed that you worked tirelessly just to meet your beauty as soon as possible." Fred put on a teasing smile. Since they were done discussing the issue about the land, he decided he could afford to joke around with Nathan. After all, they had known each other for many years, and they had a good relationship. Otherwise, Fred had no courage to joke with him.

"What are you talking about? She is just a plaything of mine. You don't need to take her too seriously because I don't," retorted Nathan, his tone cold and indifferent. He stared at the document in his hand with a blank expression on his face.

For a man as powerful and rich as him, he thought that he had the right to have both a successful career and beautiful women.

"Are you sure?" Fred asked. He could not believe a word Nathan said right now.

"Stop gossiping. Go to work or I'll deduct your pay right now," Nathan said, giving Fred a hostile look. His eyes became sharp, and he tossed the documents from the table towards Fred, indicating that he should go.

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