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   Chapter 60 Call Me Nathan

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Hearing Mandy's words, the corners of Nathan's mouth turned up into a smile.

"Did you go home tonight?" Nathan suddenly asked, his eyes squinting with suspicion.

"Yes, I did, President Jin," Mandy respectfully answered

He cast a sharp glance at the floor. If Mandy were standing in front of him, he would eat her up whole!

It was off putting that she would call him President Jin as if she were a stranger.

"Call me Nathan, please," said Nathan. It was definite that he didn't like the estranged way Mandy called him. Perhaps it was because Mandy had already occupied a very important position in his heart.

Hearing this, Mandy coughed awkwardly and said, "Nathan."

When she said his name, her voice was very soft. But it was still audible to Nathan through the phone.

Looking out the window, Nathan's mouth slowly curled into a smirk. "Good girl. Wait for me to come back, alright?" he said with satisfaction.

"I will." It was weird that Nathan suddenly became so gentle. One moment Nathan would be cold and aloof, and the next moment he would become gentle and passionate. These attitude swings were driving Mandy crazy.

When he heard her answer, the smile on Nathan's face deepened. "Good night," he murmured through the phone.

"Okay," Mandy replied quietly, still feeling a bit shy towards Nathan.

As soon as she hung up the phone, Fiona pushed the door open and came in with a mischievous smile on her pure face. "Sister, you look completely flushed right now. Who were you talking to on the phone?"

"You little kid, don't ask me things like that. Have you finished your homework?" Mandy said, trying to change the topic. Closing her eyes, she plopped back onto her bed once again.

"Sister, don't change the topic. Tell me, are you in a relationship with our teacher, Mr. Xu?" Fiona asked curiously, walking towards Mandy. At that moment, her eyes were twinkling, intent on gossiping about her sister's relationship.

Hearing that, Mandy sat up gracefully. She raised an eyebrow at Fiona, a sly smile swept across her face. "Is that what you think?" Mandy asked, raising her hand to gently stroke Fiona's hair. "Let me ask you. Do your teachers give you enough homework at school? How about I call Mr. Xu and ask him to assign more homework to you?" Mandy slyly said.

o let it go.

Time slipped away so fast on that one day Mandy stayed at home. In the afternoon, Mandy took Fiona back to school. Then she asked Cassie out to go shopping together.

Mandy didn't want to go back to that villa so early. In that villa, she felt like a trapped bird. The splendid villa was not a home to her, but rather a cage.

"So, can I ask you why you've come to ask me out today?" asked Cassie. They were walking down the street with their hot cups of coffee in their hands.

"What? You ask that as if I'm busy all the time," Mandy murmured unhappily. But now that she thought about it, she did not seem to have had a break the past few days.

"Yes, you are busy all the time. Oh, right, I heard that the intern nurses will have to take an examination next month. I don't know if I can make it and stay in the JR Hospital," With her head down, a tinge of worry and depression could be seen in Cassie's eyes.

"Cas, have confidence in yourself. Don't worry. I'll give you a full score," Mandy promised, patting her shoulder.

"Thank you, Mand," she said as she looked at Mandy gratefully.

"Of course! We're good friends after all. Don't worry about it, okay?" Mandy smiled as she spoke. She put her hand on Cassie's shoulder.

"Anyway... I don't think Harry likes me," Cassie pouted her lips as she felt a little upset and disappointed.

Maybe it was because Cassie was a close friend of Mandy. Whatever the reason was, Harry was very blatant towards how much he didn't like Cassie whenever he saw her.

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