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   Chapter 59 A Compulsory Blind Date

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"Fiona, I can't help but feel that this is hopeless," Tina confessed as they walked out the restaurant. She ran her hand through her hair and sighed.

Hearing this, Fiona took Tina's left hand in hers, and they carefully peered inside the window. There, they saw Mandy and Bruce were talking to each other cheerfully.

"Well, if I'm being honest, I think that Mr. Xu likes my older sister," exclaimed Fiona. In truth, she was quite pleased with herself as her sixth sense was obviously spot on.

"Why do I feel that the two of us should be embarrassed?" Tina sighed.

"Why are you feeling embarrassed? If Mr. Xu becomes my brother-in-law, no one in school can ever do anything bad to us. We'd be practically untouchable! Isn't that great?" Fiona said, giving a hearty laugh. There were a lot of thoughts that flashed through Fiona's mind as she listened to their conversation. Nevertheless, she was quite optimistic about Mandy and Bruce's blooming relationship.

The dinner ended in a harmonious atmosphere. When Bruce politely offered that he would be glad to drive them back home, Mandy was very delighted.

At the MC Garden

Mandy called Lillian and told her that she wouldn't be back to the villa tonight. At that moment, Lillian didn't know what to say. She only always did what Mr. Jin had told her.

"Fiona, Mandy, have you had dinner yet?" Madeline asked as she stepped out of the kitchen with a plate of fruit salad.

"Yes. We had dinner at a restaurant," replied Fiona. Reaching out, she grabbed a slice of fruit from the plate.

In the Zhou Family, Madeline and Stanley had always preferred Fiona over their own daughter. They doted on her very much.

"I have something to tell you, Mandy," Madeline said seriously as she turned off the television.

"What is it, Mom?" Mandy asked as she put a piece of watermelon into her mouth. 'It's so cozy and warm here at home!' she thought as she sighed to herself.

"Justin Lin is the only child of the Lin Group, and he just came back from America last month. I figured that it might be nice for the two of you to get together since you are a returnee just like him," Madeline explained. Turning to Stanley, she gave a quick wink. In truth, she had hoped that Stanley would be the one to say this to Mandy, but Stanley was unwilling to say this sort of thing. So Madeline had to tell Mandy herself.

"Mom, what are you trying to say?" Looking back and forth between Madeline and Stanley, Mandy's brows furrowed on her forehead.

And then, soon enough, Mandy realized that her mother was trying to set up a blind date!


called you several times, but your number was busy!" Nathan asked loudly on the phone. At that moment, the look in his eyes darkened with anger.

"I was talking with a friend. What's wrong?" Mandy retorted. She was a little annoyed by Nathan's attitude towards her. Nathan was so possessive and treated Mandy like she was some sort of pet.

"Do you really talk to your friends for such a long amount of time? You must take me for a fool! Are you dating other men?" Nathan bellowed. There was a hint of hostility in his tone as he shouted at Mandy through the phone.

"Would you stop it right now? You're really starting to get on my nerves, Nathan. Quit being so annoying!" Mandy replied. Feeling much anger, she stood up and turned on the bedroom light. There was a lot of energy now pumping through her veins.

"Oh, so you think I'm annoying?" Nathan asked with great interest as his dashing eyebrows furrowed slightly. In his entire life, he had never chased a woman. In fact, he had always been chased by other women. But now, things were different with Mandy, and truthfully it annoyed him that she made him feel this way about her.

Hearing Nathan's words on the phone, Mandy suddenly came to her senses. She covered her mouth with her hands. Instantly, she regretted what she had just said.

"No, no, it was just a slip of the tongue, Mr. Jin," Mandy shook her head and explained hastily.

"You're really starting to get on my nerves, Nathan. Quit being so annoying," Nathan said, echoing what Mandy had just said to him.

"My Chinese is still a bit rusty. I know you're a kind and understanding man. Please forgive me!" Mandy explained as she waved her hand. At this point, Mandy's face was hot and flushed pink.

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